10-03-20 March Trophy Meeting

The first Trophy Meeting of 2020, Karl Norris was quickest in GT12 qualifying to take pole position in the A Final with Simon Pole second, Kayleigh Knight third followed by Chelle Snowden, Stephen Deacon and McKenzie Wallace.

Steve Donald took pole position in the LMP12 Final with Louis Parker car 2 and Fred Hatfield car 3.

It was good to see Richard Carnwell racing again at Burton starting with a win in the GT12 C final, Paul Carter took second place, Freddie Parker finished third and Ian Craig fourth.

The B Final was won by Bob Harley, Mike Simpson was a close second, Benn Norris third and Nick Wallace fourth with only 1/100th second difference in best lap times between Mike, Benn and Nick.

In the A Final another win for Karl Norris lapping all the other drivers, Chelle Snowden took second place by less than a second from Kayleigh Knight and a great drive from McKenzie Wallace earned him fourth place and the Best Junior trophy.

The last race of the evening was the LMP12 Final, could Steve Donald win the race from pole position ahead of Louis Parker?
As usual it was a superb race to watch with all the drivers lapping very quickly, Louis was the eventual winner, Steve taking a very close second place, both being two laps ahead of Fred Hatfield in third place.

Another competitive and entertaining evening, congratulations to the trophy winners.

Next week is round 7 of the Spring League and for those drivers who have raced in every round so far a chance to produce a good result and discount their worst round score to date.

03-03-20 Spring League Round 6

Three qualifying rounds as usual after which Simon Pole was quickest in GT12 followed by Karl Norris and Justin Heath

In LMP12 Ashley King was top qualifier, Steve Donald second and Fred Hatfield third.


The GT12 C Final winner was Paul Carter with Freddie Parker taking second place and also setting the quickest lap of the race, McKenzie Wallace finished third.

In the B Final Chelle Snowden won by two laps from Nick Wallace with Mike Simpson third.

Another great A Final this week, Karl Norris starting from second place on the grid won by one second after a tremendous race with Simon Pole. Kayleigh Knight took third place just over a second in front of Justin Heath.

After the excitement of the previous race we were not to be disappointed with the LMP12 Final which was run at a very fast pace. Steve Donald set the fastest lap, but Ashley King was the victor in a close finish with Steve, Guy Rogers finished in third place.

Several changes to the leading league positions after the evenings racing.

GT12 F1
Karl Norris remains in the lead with Kayleigh Knight moving up into second place and Bob Harley into third.

GT12 F2
Nick Wallace is the new league leader, Benn Norris remains second and Mike Simpson is now third.

GT12 F3
Positions remain unchanged with Jack Walsh leading, Simon Honeysett second, however Freddie Parker in third place picked up a very useful 100 maximum points being the top F3 driver this week.

No changes, Fred Hatfield leads, Ashley King is second and Gavin Maciver third.


25-02-20 Spring League Round 5

Karl Norris was top qualifier in the GT12 class closely followed by visiting driver Peter Stockton with Darren Ford third, all three drivers with 40 laps.

Richard Norris was best in F2 with 39 laps, Stephen Deacon was in second place just over a second adrift and a great performance by Mckenzie Wallace earned him third place and the top Junior driver with 38 laps.

Simon Honeysett was quickest in F3 on 36 laps being a lap clear of league leader Jack Walsh, Adam Hancock was third with 34 laps.

In LMP12 Louis Parker won all three rounds to take pole in the final, James Hart was just over a second slower in second place these two drivers being two laps clear of Ashley King in third place.

The GT12 C Final saw a good race for the win between pole position driver Simon Honeysett and F3 League leader Jack Walsh who made a great start to gain an early advantage. In the latter stages of the race Simon was catching up but Jack held on to win the race. Simon was second and Adam Hancock third.

The B Final was dominated by “Team Norris” with Kayleigh Knight winning from pole position on the grid also setting the quickest lap and Benn Norris finishing in second place and second quickest lap time after starting at the back of the grid. Mike Simpson was third two seconds behind Benn.

The A Final was run at a very fast pace and great to watch, Peter Stockton set the fastest lap but at the finish Karl Norris was the winner – yet another for “Team Norris”. Peter was second and Darren Ford third – as in qualifying all on 40 laps.

The LMP Final was the last race of the evening, Louis Parker took the win with James Hart second, both drivers on 44 laps and setting equal fastest laps of 7.65 seconds, Ashley King finished third place on 43 laps. A spectacular race!!!!!

League Positions
No change in GT12 F1 with Karl Norris leading, Darren Ford second and Kayleigh Knight third.
Bob Harris still leads F2 but Benn Norris moves up into second place ahead of Nick Wallace.
Jack Walsh increases his lead to two points in F3 with Simon Honeysett second place and Freddie Parker third.
Fred Hatfield still leads the LMP F1 league, Ashley King is second and Gavin Maciver third

18-02-20 Superleague Round 1

Despite the flooded roads and it being school half term holiday week there were eighteen drivers present for the first round of this years Superleague, which comprises of six rounds run on alternate months through the year.

After the three qualifying rounds Karl Norris was quickest in GT12 with 42 laps, with Darren Ford, Chelle Snowden and Richard Norris all on 41 laps followed by Kayleight Knight with 40.

Highest place Junior member was Jack Walsh with 37 laps with Benn Norris on 36.

In the LMP12 class Simon Pole had 59 laps, Fred Hatfield 58, Guy Rogers 56 and Mckenzie Wallace 47.

First up was the GT12 C Final where Simon Honeysett won after a close race with Paul Carter who finished second with Alfie Hart taking third place.

Stephen Deacon won the B Final being a lap clear of Benn Norris who had a great drive to finish in second place with Mike Simpson third.

The A Final was the most exciting race of the evening, Karl Norris was the winner with 41 laps but behind him there was a titanic battle for the remaining four places between Chelle Snowden, Darren Ford, Kayleigh Knight and Richard Norris. At the end of the race they finished in that order but with just 1.66 seconds between second and fifth places. It does not get much better than that!

Things were a bit more relaxed in the LMP final, Simon Pole starting from pole position was the winner by two laps, Fred Hatfield took second place, Guy Rogers was third and Mckenzie Wallace fourth.

So after round 1 in GT12 Karl Norris leads F1, Stephen Deacon F2 and Jack Walsh F3
In LMP12 Simon Pole is the leader.

Next week is Round 5 of the Spring League.

11-02-20 Clubnight

The February clubnight gave a break from the recent run of league meetings.

Some superb racing during the evening, James Hart won the GT12 A Final with Karl Norris second and Darren Ford third.

Adam Hancock back racing at Burton after a break was the winner of the B Final by the narrow margin of 0.62 seconds from Simon Honeysett in second place and Freddie Parker third.

Louis Parker had a fine win in the LMP12 A Final being two laps ahead of everyone else and also setting the fastest laptime. Steve Donald took second place, just over a second quicker than third placed driver Ashley King.

In the B Final Guy Rogers won by three laps, Chelle Snowden finished in second place just ahead of Richard Parker who was third.

Many thanks to all who assisted in setting out the track and packing away afterwards.

Remember – Next week is the first round of the 2020 Superleague.

04-02-20 Spring League Round 4

Benn Norris won the GT12 C Final, Simon Honeysett was second and Paul Carter third.

The B Final was a great race with Kayleigh Knight winning ahead of Bob Harley second and Stuart Evans taking third place.

James Hart was the winner of the A Final, Karl Norris took second place and Darren Ford third.

Louis Parker won in LMP being a lap clear of Ashley King with Fred Hatfield third.

Some changes to the league positions after round 4.

Karl Norris now leads F1 by two points from Darren Ford, James Hart scores maximum points this week..

Stuart Evans is now the outright leader in F2 moving two points ahead of Bob Harris.

Jack Walsh lost his tremendous unbeaten record in F3 and now leads by just a single point from Simon Honeysett who scored maximum points this week with Freddie Parker in third place.

Fred Hatfield is the leader of the LMP12 league moving three points ahead of Gavin Maciver in second place. Maximum points for Louis Parker this week.





28-01-20 Spring League Round 3

After round 2 Karl Norris and Darren Ford were joint leaders of the F1 league, so the pressure was on to be the league leader at the end of the evening.

On completion of the qualifying it was advantage Darren who was top qualifier with 42 laps, just over a second quicker than Karl with Chelle Snowden in third place 1/100th second ahead of Guy Rogers.

Stuart Evans was best in F2 with Bob Harris second and Nick Wallace third ahead of Junior member Benn Norris who was fourth.

Jack Walsh was the highest placed F3 driver with Simon Honeysett second and James Krych third.

In LMP12 Simon Pole was quickest with 91 laps, followed by Gavin Maciver and Fred Hatfield.

The first race was the GT12 C Final where all of the drivers had excellent races. The result was very close with the first three drivers all achieving 38 laps. McKenzie Wallace was the winner, Simon Honeysett just two second adrift in second place with Peter Lax another seven seconds behind taking third.

The B Final developed into a great battle between Nick Wallace an Bob Harley, both drivers finished with 40 laps with the victory going to Nick by two seconds. Benn Norris was third on 39 laps

The A Final was next, could pole position driver Darren Ford win and take the outright lead in F1. Karl Norris had other ideas and made a tremendous start to the race from second position on the grid. A thrilling race to watch this with these two finishing a clear two laps ahead of the rest of the field, Karl taking the win by less than a second from Darren in second place with Guy Rogers an excellent third. A great race!

The LMP Final was won by Fred Hatfield, Simon Pole was second and Gavin Maciver third. Well done Fred!

So after three rounds Karl Norris leads F1 by a single point from Darren Ford
In F2, maximum points this week moves Stuart Evans into the joint lead with Bob Harris.
Jack Walsh stays at the top of F3 being the only driver to have scored maximum points in all three rounds, Simon Honeysett remains second.
Gavin Maciver and Fred Hatfield are the joint leaders in LMP

Round 4 is next week.

21-01-20 Spring League Round 2

Round 2 of the current League used a similar track design to Round 1 last week. Interesting to see who had an improved performance.

Karl Norris was quickest in the qualifying rounds followed by Darren Ford, Kayleigh Knight, Justin Heath and Anthony Dennis.
Ben Norris was the best placed Junior Member for the second week in succession being in 9th place overall.

Ashley King was best in LMP12 being just over 4 seconds ahead of Gavin Maciver in second place, Fred Hatfield was third.


The first race was the GT12 D Final which was won by Simon Honeysett being two laps ahead of Jason Leavis in second place, Freddie Parker was third.

Mike Simpson won the C Final and McKenzie Wallace just got the better of Jack Walsh in the battle for second place.

Bob Harley won the B final from pole position, Bob Harris finished second after starting at the back of the grid and Stuart Evans was third.

Karl Norris had a great win in the A final with Darren Ford second and Justin Heath third.

Gavin Maciver won the LMP final finishing ahead of Ashley King by 0.49 seconds, Ashley having set the fastest lap time, Fred Hatfield was third.

So after two rounds Darren Ford and Karl Norris are tied for the lead in F1.

Bob Harris is the new leader in F2 with Stephen Deacon second.

Jack Walsh remains unbeaten and leads F3 with Simon Honeysett in second place.

Gavin Maciver is the leader of the LMP league ahead of Ashley King.

Round 3 is next week.

14-01-20 Spring League Round 1

The start of the first League of 2020 produced some great racing including a tremendous A Final, setting the standard for the rest of the year.

After the three qualifying rounds Karl Norris was quickest being the only driver to achieve 42 laps. Darren Ford and Chelle Snowden were second and third on 41 laps with Stephen Deacon, Bob Harley and Kayleigh Knight taking the remaining places in the “A” Final with 40 laps each.

Benn Norris was the best placed Junior Member with 38 laps which was matched by both McKenzie Wallace and Jack Walsh.

Jack made an excellent start to the year by winning the “C” Final and leading the F3 League, Simon Honeysett finished second and Paul Carter third.

In the “B” Final Benn Norris had a good start to the race and was in the leading two thirds of the way through the race when on lap 26 Bob Harris took over the lead and went on to take a fine victory, Nick Wallace finished in second place and new member Stuart Evans was third.

The last race of the evening was the “A” Final where Chelle Snowden made a very fast start from third position on the grid to take the lead on lap 1 from pole position driver Karl Norris in second and Darren Ford in third place. The racing was at a very fast pace and was all very close, on lap 7 Darren overtook both Chelle and Karl to move into the lead with Chelle dropping down to third. Then followed a tremendous race for the remaining five minutes with the leading positions remaining unchanged and Darren extending his lead to take the win, Karl was second, Chelle third, Kayleigh fourth, Stephen Deacon fifth (also best placed in F2) and Bob Harley sixth. A great race to watch – well done to all of the drivers!

So after round 1 Darren Ford leads F1, Stephen Deacon F2 and Jack Walsh F3. Remember there are nine rounds with the best six round scores to count.
Round 2 is next week.

07-01-20 Clubnight

The first club meeting of 2020 was an ordinary clubnight, giving drivers an opportunity to get their cars set up for the start of the new league next week.

Some good racing with Karl Norris winning the GT12 A Final, Darren Ford taking second place with his new car and Chelle Snowden finishing third.

In LMP12 Steve Donald won the final with Ashley King second and Craig Nutting third. Can Steve give a repeat performance next week in the League?????

Don’t forget that you can view the 2020 events calendar via the website “Events” tab.