28-08-18 Clubnight

An ordinary clubnight on a Steve Donald track design requiring fast reactions on the section nearest the rostrum.

After the three qualifying rounds Karl Norris was quickest in the GT12 class followed by Bob Harley and Guy Rogers, Nathan Marshall led the way in the V12 Mardave class and Steve Donald was a lap clear of Ashley King, Richard Norris and Fred Hatfield in the LMP class.

In the combined Mardave/GT12 C Final it was the mardave drivers who came out on top with a win for Nathan, Roy Matthews took second place and GT12 driver Jack Walker was third.

The GT12 B Final was a tremendous race, with fine performances from Benn Norris, Kayleigh Knight and Jamie Hall. They finished in this order just a few seconds apart with Benn also having the fastest lap.

Karl Norris cruised to victory in the A Final being three laps ahead of Bob Harley in second place and Mike Simpson third.

Steve Donald won the LMP Final eclipsing Ashley King who finished in second place just over two seconds adrift, Fred Hatfield was third.

Following the racing the Summer League trophies were presented by the club chairman Bob Harley to the winners present with “Team Norris” wining both F1 and F3 of the GT12 class – well done to Karl and Benn who is now promoted to F2 – better watch out Kayleigh!

Don’t forget it is the Burton GT12 Grand Prix on Sunday 2nd September and round 1 of the winter league Tuesday 4th September.

21-08-18 Superleague Round 4

Superleague Round 4 with the best 5 results to count from a possible 6.

In the Mardave class Alex Forster won the final by just 2.1 seconds from Roy Mathews who took second place with Harvey Forster third. So Roy increased his lead over Harvey from a single point to two.

In the GT12 C Final James Walker was the winner, visiting driver Daniel Beattie was second and F3 league leader Courtney Orme third. New member Freddie Parker finished a very creditable fourth place, well done Freddie.

The GT12 B Final Kayleigh Knight was the winner, Guy Rogers a took very close second place and Bob Harris was third. This means the Kayleigh and Bob Harris are now joint in second place in F2 behind the leader Jordan Leavis.

Karl Norris extended his lead in F1 with a win in the A Final, Jordan Leavis was second and Chelle Snowden third all on the same lap.

In the LMP class Louis Parker won the final, being a lap up on second place driver Steve Donald with Richard Norris in third place.

Round 5 of the Superleague is planned for Tuesday 9th October.

14-0818 Summer Trophy Meeting

Another great evenings racing with three qualifying rounds followed by the finals to decide the trophy winners.

In the V12 Mardave class Nathan Marshall was the driver in form winning the race, it was close for second and third places though with Alex Forster finishing just ahead of his brother Harvey.

In the GT12 C Final Kayleigh Knight had the quickest lap and won the race, Benn Norris was second a lap down and James Walker finished in third place a further two laps adrift.

Bob Harley drove to a fine victory in the B Final with Chelle Snowden second and Guy Rogers in third place.

In the A Final Louis Parker was in dazzling form setting the fastest lap and winning by just over a lap from Darren Ford who took second place and Karl Norris who finished third.

Steve Donald won the LMP Final with Ashley King trailing by just under a lap in second place, closely followed by Richard Norris who took third place.

After the track equipment was stored away the Trophies were presented by Chelle Snowden (including one to herself!).
It was a good evening for “Team Norris” with Benn Norris, Karl Norris and Kayleigh Knight all winning trophies. Will they need another shelf making to put them all on?

Next week is Round 4 of the 2018 Superleague.

07-08-18 Summer League Final Round

The last round of the Summer League and with the best six from a possible nine round scores to count several trophy winning positions were in the balance so the pressure was on to get a good result. In F2 it was possible for Dan Sheppard to take the league title but only if he was the top F2 driver of the evening as under the “countback” tie break system Jordan Leavis the leader after round 8 would win as his seventh best round score was greater.

A “James Hart” design track layout called for some accurate driving so the scene was set for some exciting racing.

After the three rounds of qualifying Alex Forster took pole position for the V12 Mardave final with Roy Matthews second and Harvey Forster third.

Ashley King was the quickest in the GT12 class followed by Karl Norris, Steve Donald, Chelle Snowden and Dan Sheppard – these five drivers making up the A Final.

Mark Deacon quietly took pole position for the B Final ahead of Bob Harley, Guy Rogers, Richard Norris and Kayleigh Knight.

Mike Simpson, Chris Metcalfe, Jordan Leavis and new member Martyn Hartshorne driving his new car for the first time completed the C Final line up.

Alex Forster was the winner of the V12 Mardave final, it was close for second place with Harvey Forster managing to get ahead of Roy Matthews to make it a “Team Forster” first and second.

In the GT12 C Final pole position driver Mike Simpson had a smashing time (YET ANOTHER Bodyshell required!), eventually retiring from the race. Chris Metcalfe, racing for the first time in several weeks was in top form and won the race with Martyn Hartshorne finishing in third place.

In the B Final Mark Deacon won from pole position, Bob Harley took second place 8 seconds adrift and Kayleigh Knight finished third with an exceptional drive pushing Guy Rogers and Richard Norris down to fourth and fifth places. Well done Kayleigh!

Just the A Final to go where Ashley was “King” of the track, Steve Donald was second, Karl Norris took third ahead of Chelle Snowden and Dan Sheppard.

A great finish to the league, congratulations to the winners and all the other trophy winners
Alex Forster – V12 Mardave
Karl Norris – GT12 F1
Dan Sheppard – GT12 F2
Benn Norris – GT12 F3

31-07-18 Summer League Round 8

The penultimate round of the summer league this week.
Three rounds of qualifying set the scene for the single round of finals as usual to decide the points.

In the club Mardave class Alex Forster was on pole position followed by Nathan Marshall and Roy Matthews. It proved to be a very close contest between Nathan and Alex with Nathan leading near the end of the race when Alex got past him to take a well deserved win, Nathan finishing second and Harvey Forster in third place.

Benn Norris stormed to victory in the GT12 C final being four laps clear of second place driver James Walker with Jack Walker finishing third.

Mike Simpson took and early lead in the B final ahead of pole position driver Guy Rogers who was chasing him down, but a couple of racing incidents halted his progress and Mike went on to win, Guy was second and Kayleigh third. A very close race this!

Karl Norris continued his great run of form by winning the A final, Chelle Snowden took second place and Dan Sheppard third. An important result for Dan this giving him another 100 points in F2.

So everything is set for a very exciting final round of the summer league next week with several trophy winning positions still up for grabs, we look forward to some exciting racing.