23-02-16 Winter League Round 3

The new carpet has arrived!
A very busy evening fitting the carpet to the hall, still just enough time afterwards for three qualifying rounds and a final.
The extra length and width of the track made a huge difference and the amount of grip without additive was awesome.
Thanks to everyone involved in the collection and installation of the carpet, just the track markers to sort out next week.

GT12 Class

Some very competitive racing, after two qualifying rounds Gavin Maciver was fastest, visiting driver James Sutton second and David Simpson in third place.
In the last round Gavin and David battled for the lead for the entire race with David crossing the finishing line first 0.76 seconds ahead setting the best qualifying time. Nick Bruty also had a fantastic race to take third overall just one lap down.
In division 2 Bob Harley was four laps ahead of his nearest rival Nick Wallace.
Mike Simpson was best in division 3 with Jake Crawshaw taking second place.


Just and A and a B final this week as time was short.
In the B final Nick Wallace had a convincing win from pole position, lapping everyone in the field. Mike Simpson was second and Rob Hambridge third.
Gavin Maciver shot into the lead almost immediately from the start of the A final and for the second week running had a virtually faultless race to both win and set the fastest laptime. David Simpson chased him hard but a few minor errors put paid to any chance of him catching Gavin. James Sutton took third place and Chelle Snowden was fourth. A great race this gaining a round of applause at the end from the other drivers and spectators.

Club Mardave Class


A great evening for Jordan Galbraith displaying some fine driving and superb overtaking to take the top qualifier spot one lap better than Mike Simpson and Paul Galbraith.


Jordan (driving to his full potential this week!) maintained his advantage in the final with a comfortable win, lapping the field and scoring the first maximum points in the current league. Second and third positions were unchanged from qualifying and Roy Matthews put in a great drive to finish in fourth place.

16-02-16 Superleague Round 1

Gavin Maciver shows everyone the way in the GT12 Class to be best qualifier and win the A final
Nick Wallace has a good evening and is the top F2 driver taking second place in the B final
Team Galbraith crumble in the club Mardave class with Mike Simpson taking maximum points

GT12 Class
Gavin Maciver was quickest in the qualifying with some very tidy driving on a tricky track, with 38 laps he was 2 laps ahead of the next three drivers Dave Tomlinson, Richard Parker and Chelle Snowden. An impressive performance from Richard Parker, driving Louis’s car in heat 2 this week – better watch out he will be taking your car Louis!
Bob Harley was the best placed F2 driver, just ahead of Nick Wallace and Matt Popejoy, all three drivers being evenly matched.

In the finals Gavin Maciver managed an incredible 40 laps to win the A Final with Richard Parker, Nick Bruty, Chelle Snowden and Dave Tomlinson all finishing in that order a few seconds apart on 37 laps.
Nick Wallace was second in the B Final to be best in F2, Matt Popejoy was third and best qualifier Bob Harley down in fourth place.
It was good to see new member Jake Crawshaw quickly getting the hang of his new car, I am sure he will be a force to be reckoned with in F3 during the next few weeks.

Club Mardave Class
Quite a lot of rivalry between the drivers with “Team Galbraith” determined to repeat last weeks performance of taking the top three places in the final.
Paul Galbraith made a good start in the qualifying winning round 1 but Mike Simpson won rounds 2 and 3 to take pole position in the final, it was very close though with Mike, Jordan and Paul Galbraith all on 30 laps.

The final produced the best Mardave race seen yet in 2016 with Mike getting off to a good start but making an error which reduced his lead and produced a titanic battle right to the finish with all three of the Galbraith Team. Mike ran out the winner with Paul just 1.16 seconds behind, Jordan set the fastest lap to finish third and Joshua fourth.
Jensen Wray also had a good evening and continues to get more competitive each week.

So no celebrations for the Galbraith’s this week. At the team debrief afterwards one member was heard to say “I did not achieve my potential this week”, a more senior member of the family replied “Neither did I as you would not let me past”. A very cold and frosty evening for a walk home I believe!

09-02-16 Winter League Round 2

A good evenings racing on a tricky track design with a very tight chicane.


Louis Parker and Gavin Maciver were the two fastest drivers once again with Louis being best qualifier on 38 laps followed by Gavin with 37. A super performance from Nick Wallace took him to third place and best in division 2.
Good driving from Matt Popejoy put him ahead of division 1 drivers Chelle Snowden and David Simpson.

In the club Mardave class Paul Galraith won all three rounds with Jordan Galbraith being second overall.


The first final turned into a “Team Galbraith” Mardave masterclass with Paul Galbraith taking an early lead from pole position and being chased by Jordan Galbraith who set the fastest lap time and in a close finish took the win with Paul in second place 3 seconds behind. Joshua Galbraith also took third place to make the evening complete for team Galbraith.
Come on you Mardave drivers lets give the Galbraith’s a good run for their money next week!

The GT12 C final saw a win for Mike Simpson who was sporting a new bodyshell which looked a little worse for wear after the race after a couple of arguments with the chicane! Club Chairman Rob Hambridge was second and Scott Lewis third.

Some good racing in the GT12 B final with Chelle Snowden having a great win ahead of David Simpson and Bob Harley, Matt Popejoy was going well but had to retire from the race after 12 laps.

Last race of the evening was the GT12 A final where Louis Parker won with an impressive 37 laps and set the fastest lap-time of the evening. Dave Tomlinson was second and Nick Wallace third, Gavin Maciver having to retire on lap 20.

Next week is Round 1 of the 20016 Superleague.

Winter League Round 1

Gavin Maciver hits the top in qualifying but Louis Parker wins the A Final
Bob Harley was the best F2 driver with maximum points from the evening
In the Mardave class Mike Simpson was fastest qualifier, Paul Galbraith had a good race in the final to win

With several drivers with new cars this week some fared better than others with their setup. Gavin Maciver was the fastest qualifier with a stunning drive in round 2 getting 38 laps which was 2 laps better than anyone else, Louis Parker was second, also recording the fastest lap time.
In F2 Bob Harley was fastest on 33 laps followed by Nick Wallace with 32.
With only two drivers in F3 this week it was a head to head between Courtney Orme and Jake Galbraith with Jake coming out on top.
In the Mardave Class Mike Simpson was best qualifier and in-form Jordan Galbraith second, both with 30 laps. Competition was keen in Team Galbraith throughout the evening with Jordan and Joshua being separated by only 2/10th second in round 2.

After struggling in the qualifying Paul Galbraith put in a great performance in the Mardave final to win with 31 laps after starting from fifth place on the grid with Jordan Galbraith taking second place on 30 laps.
Matt Popejoy had an easy win in the GT12 C final on 32 laps ahead of second place driver Scott Lewis with 29 laps, with Jake Galbraith having to retire Courtney Orme was unchallenged in F3.
The GT12 B Final was an excellent race, Dave Tomlinson took the win with 35 laps, Bob Harley was second on 34, closely followed by Nick Bruty.
In the A Final Louis Parker had a fine drive recording 40 laps to win by two clear laps from Gavin Maciver and Chelle Snowden both with 38 laps.