24-01-17 Winter league Round 3

Louis Parker wins the GT12 A final with Mark Deacon in second place and Ashley King third.
The last week of using the present track design again produced some tremendous racing.
James Hart was quickest after the three qualifying rounds with Louis Parker a close second and also setting the fastest lap. Richard Hickling was third and Mark Deacon fourth.
In F2 Steve Donald was again fastest followed by Daniel Lacey and Alan Forster.
League F3 leader Paul Carter was best in F3 with John Stringer second and Jack Walsh third.
In the club mardave class Mike Simpson led F1, Joshua Galbraith was in second place and Paul Galbraith third. Alex Forster was the highest placed F2 driver, well done also to Harvey Forster in his first race meeting.

The mardave final was very exciting and saw a lot of overtaking, Jordan Galbraith set the fastest lap time and was the winner starting from third place on the grid, his dad Paul took second place a cars length ahead of pole position driver Mike Simpson. Alex Forster was the winner in F2, Roy Matthews finishing last after yet another problem with his car.

John Stringer won the GT12 D Final to be best in F3 and bring Paul Carters unbeaten run in the league to an end.
New member Alan Forster won the C Final, Stephen Deacon was second and Peter Partridge took third place.
Gavin Maciver had a very impressive drive to win the B Final, a good race this with Steve Donald taking second place ahead of Chelle Snowden.
So just the A Final left and what a race this proved to be. James Hart led the field away from pole position but Louis Parker took the lead on the second lap and went on to win the race – well done Louis!
There was a tremendous battle for second and third places between James Hart, Mark Deacon and Ashley King. Mark had his car really flying and set equal fastest lap time with James. It was a race right to the finish with Mark taking second just 0.34 seconds ahead of Ashley King – a fantastic race.

17-01-17 Winter League Round 2

A similar track design to last produced some good racing.

After the three rounds of qualifying James Hart was quickest with Louis Parker second, these two drivers being a lap ahead of Richard Hickling, Ashley King, Gavin Maciver and Mark Deacon. Ashley being ahead of Mark for a change by 3.76 seconds – could he repeat this in the final?
Steve Donald continued his great run of form by being best in F2, a lap clear of Matt Popejoy and Daniel Lacey.
Paul Carter was the top driver in F3, 3 laps ahead of Courtney Orme and John Stringer.
In the club mardave class Jordan Galbraith was in unstoppable form taking pole in the final followed by Mike Simpson and Paul Galbraith. In F2 Roy Matthews was fastest with Daniel lacey second and Alex Forster third.

The mardave final was a runaway victory for Jordan Galbraith with a fine drive, Mike Simpson was second 2 laps down and Paul Galbraith third. In F2 Alex Forster was the top driver finishing ahead of Roy Matthews who seemed to be lacking drive! – it always pays to ensure the motor pinion is on securely!

Javier Jimenez cruised to victory in the GT12 C final, Paul Carter finished in second place and Courtney Orme third.

The GT12 B final produced some very exciting racing with all the drivers being very evenly matched and the lead changing hands several times during the race. At the finish it was F2 driver Steve Donald who crossed the line ahead with a tremendous performance, beating F1 drivers Darren Ford, Bob Harley and Chelle Snowden.

As usual the last race of the evening was the GT12 A final, yet again James Hart set the fastest lap on his way to victory, guest driver Richard Hickling took second place, Louis Parker was third and Ashley King fourth – ahead of Mark Deacon again!- has this set a trend to be repeated next week?
A great race to complete the evening.

10-01-17 Winter League Round 1

The first of eight rounds of the winter league with drivers best six round scores to count, points being awarded for both qualifying and final positions in each division.

Some very competitive racing with James Hart being to top qualifier on 42 laps in the GT12 class and a good performance from new member Mark Deacon to be second with 41 laps ahead of Louis Parker, Ashley King and Gavin Maciver a further lap down.
Best division 2 driver was Steve Donald with a very impressive 39 laps, followed by Matt Popejoy with 38 and Javier Jimenez with 36 laps.
In division 3 Paul Carter was the leader on 30 laps, 3.44 seconds ahead of Alister Hart, Courtney Orme took third place on 29 laps.
In the club mardave class Mike Simpson took pole position in the final with 31 laps followed by Paul Galbraith on 30 and Jordan Galbraith 29 laps. In division 2 Jensen Wray was the leader on 21 laps with Alex Forster second on the same lap and Roy Matthews third on 15 laps after some electrical problems with his car.

First up was the mardave final where Mike Simpson had a steady drive to lead from start to finish, leaving it to Paul and Jordan Galbraith to fight it out for second and third places. It was Paul who came out on top with Jordan trailing by seven seconds.
In division 2 Roy Matthews got his car going properly and was best followed by Alex Forster and newcomer Dianne Taylor.

Lee Devey won the GT12 C final just ahead of Peter Partridge, Paul Carter was the top division 3 driver with Jack Walsh taking an excellent second ahead of Alister Hart.
The B final turned out to be a tremendous race with little to separate the first three drivers, it was Matt Popejoy who crossed the finishing line first to win ahead of Chelle Snowden, Bob Harley and Daniel Lacey all on the same lap.
James Hart was on pole position for the A final and with an almost faultless drive took the win, Louis Parker was second and Mark Deacon third (yes Mark you did beat Ashley again!). A great race this with Steve Donald finishing in sixth place to be best in division 2.

03-01-17 New Year warm-up

The first meeting on 2017 with everyone fully refreshed after Christmas and New Year!
Some great racing on a flowing track design, apologies for the glitches in the results as we were testing out the lap counting system.