10-07-18 Summer League Round 6

Three rounds of qualifying and a final as usual this week.


In the GT12 class James Hart was top qualifier with 37 laps followed by Ashley King, Steve Donald, Karl Norris and visiting driver Leigh Dibble all on 36 laps.
Jordan Leavis was the best in F2 on 35 laps being a lap clear of Dan Sheppard in second place, Guy Rogers was third with 33 laps.
Benn Norris was quickest in F3 with 30 laps, Jack Walsh was second on the same lap and Courtney Orme third with 28 laps.

With only two cars in V12 Mardave class this week it was a “Team Forster” challenge, Alex Forster gaining the initial advantage by qualifying a lap ahead of Harvey. Come on you Mardave drivers – lets have more of you racing next week!

In the first race Courtney Orme starting from pole position on the grid built up an early lead and seemed to have the race in the bag until his car lost grip due to his tyres being worn out – James Walker quickly moved up into the lead to win the race. There was a great battle throughout the race for second place between the two Mardave drivers, Harvey Forster finishing just 1.53 seconds ahead of his brother Alex – well done Harvey.

Kayleigh Knight started from pole in the GT12 C final with Benn Norris moving up into second place on the first lap. A good race this with all the drivers evenly matched for speed, Mike Simpson moved back up into second place and eventually took the lead, overtaking Kayleigh after many laps of very close racing to take the win.

Jordan Leavis had a superb drive in the B Final to win , Darren Ford was second and Dan Sheppard took third place. Looking forward to an exciting remaining three rounds of the league to decide the F2 league winner.

James Hart won the A Final from pole at a very fast pace, Leigh Dibble was second , Ashley King third, league leader Karl Norris fourth with Steve Donald fifth.

03-07-18 Summer League Round 5

The thirteen drivers present were rewarded with a great evenings racing whilst also keeping track of the England football teams progress on mobiles and tablets during their world cup match win on penalties.

Just four more rounds remaining in the current league with the best six from a possible nine rounds to count.


26-06-18 Summer League Round 4

After racing anti-clockwise last week drivers had a chance to fully unwind, no corner dots this week either for a change.

Some keen competition in the qualifying with Karl Norris taking the top spot closely followed by Darren Ford and Chelle Snowden
Jordan Leavis was the highest placed F2 driver being fourth overall, Bob Harris was having a great evening being second F2 keeping Guy Rogers at bay by just 6/100th second.
Benn Norris was the top F3 driver, Jack Walsh was second and Courtney Orme third.
The mardave class was a head to head between Alex and Harvey Forster with Alex taking the number one spot.

The mardave final was first up, combined with the GT12 D Final. A real battle this to determine who would be the top “Team Forster” driver this week. The result was close – Alex being the winner and Harvey finishing two seconds behind and setting the quickest laptime. Freddie Parker took third place.

The GT12 C final saw some good driving, Benn Norris, Jack Walsh and Courtney Orme were all going well but at the finish Benn was the winner, Jack finishing just a couple of seconds behind and Courtney taking third place.

Bob Harris had the advantage of pole position in the B final but things all went awry, finding himself in third place by the end of the first lap with Guy Rogers leading and Mike Simpson in second place. Mike moved into the lead on lap 5 and with all four drivers lapping within a few hundredths of a second of one another who had the cleanest run would decide the result.
In the end Mike was the winner, Bob fought back into second place, Kayleigh Knight taking third.

Just the A final left and what a great race it was to watch, some superb driving and a very close finish, Karl Norris winning with Darren Ford just five seconds behind and Chelle Snowden in third place, all three drivers on the same lap. Jordan Leavis took fourth place just a lap down to take the lead in F2.

Burton GT12 GRAND PRIX SUNDAY 2nd September

Burton Buggy Club is running the Burton 2018 GT12 GRAND PRIX at Gresley Old Hall on SUNDAY 2nd September.
Racing starts at 9AM.

The Race fee is £10

You need to include your NAME, BRCA NUMBER and TRANSPONDER NUMBER

Trophies will be presented at the end of the meeting.

If you require any further information please contact Bob Harley.

Charity Event Tuesday 19th June

The Charity event held on the 19th June was a great success raising £130.
Thanks to all who took part for your generosity, racing in an anti-clockwise direction for a change
Congratulations to all the trophy winners and to Bob Harley for providing the trophies


12-06-18 Summer League Round 3

Roy Matthews is now the outright leader in the mardave class after a fine win in the final with Dean Bostock moving up into second place.

Karl Norris clocked up his second maximum points in three rounds to extend his lead in GT12 F1, Darren Ford is now in second place and Bob Harley third.

In GT12 F2 Dan Sheppard took his third consecutive maximum points and now has a commanding lead over Mike Simpson and Jordan Leavis.

Courtney Orme still leads the GT12 F3 but watch out for Jack Walsh and Benn Norris who have both made impressive performances in the two rounds they have raced in.

In the LMP class Steve Donald got off to a flying start being quickest in the first round of qualifying, however Ashley King won the remaining two rounds, Steve being second and Fred Hatfield third overall. In the final Ashley won by 2 seconds (again!), Steve took a well earned second place and Richard Norris was third.

A good evenings racing, six rounds of the summer league still remain.

Superleague Round 3

Roy Matthews moves into the lead in the Mardave V12 league but only by a single point from Harvey Forster in second place.
Karl Norris increases his lead in GT12 F1, Chelle Snowden takes second place and Darren Ford third.
Jordan Leavis still leads GT12 F2 but Dan Sheppard trimmed his lead to just 2 points, Bob Harris is third.
Benn Norris reduced Courtney Ormes lead in GT12 F3 by a point, Jack Walsh is in third place.

Roy Matthews had a great drive in the mardave final, lapping everyone else to win, Alex Forster finished in second place and Harvey Forster third.

Courtney Orme had the quickest lap in the GT12 C final but the consistent driving from Benn Norris won him the race with Courtney finishing second and James Walker third.

Bob Harley went 2 laps clear to win the GT12 B final, a superb drive from Kayleigh Knight with a brand new bodyshell fitted to her car earned her second place, just holding off a challenge from Bob Harris who finished in third place.

Karl Norris was the winner of the GT12 A final, Chelle Snowden took second place just ahead of Darren Ford.

A very close race in the LMP final to finish off the evenings racing where Ashley King beat Steve Donald yet again, this time by just under 2 seconds, Richard Norris was third.

Chelle Snowden presented the spring league trophies to the drivers who were unable to make it to the main presentation a couple of weeks ago.

Summer League Round 2

After the three rounds of qualifying James Hart was quickest in the GT12 class with 34 laps, Karl Norris was in second place a lap down followed by Dan Sheppard (best in F2), Chelle Snowden and Darren Ford all on 32 laps.
Bob Harris won the “Battle of the Bobs” being just a quarter of a second faster than Bob Harley to take pole position in the B final.
Ben Norris was the best placed F3 driver ahead of Jack Walsh and Courtney Orme but it was newly promoted Chris Metcalfe who took pole in the C final.

Things were very close in the Mardave class where Nathan Marshall eventually finished four seconds ahead of Roy Matthews.

In the LMP class Steve Donald snatched pole position from Ashley King in round three, these two being two laps ahead of the rest of the field.

A great drive from Roy Matthews won him the Mardave/GT12 D final, his nearest challenger Nathan Marshall not quite being able to match his pace. Dean Bostock finished third and Kyren Glover fourth.

The GT12 C final was close with pole position driver Chris Metcalfe retiring after thirteen laps, leaving the two fast improving junior members Jack Walsh and Benn Norris to fight it out for the win. A good race this with Jack getting the upper hand to take a well deserved win, Benn was second and Courtney Orme third.

In the B final Bob Harris starting from pole suffered a setback at the start of the race as Bob Harley shot into the lead like the flip of a coin and went on to win the race. Behind him there was some very close competition for the remaining places between Bob Harris, Mike Simpson and Kayleigh Knight. All three were very closely matched for speed, at the finish it was Mike who took second place, Bob was third and Kayleigh fourth.

James Hart won the A final with an impressive 35 laps, Karl Norris was second on 34 and Darren Ford took third less than a second ahead of Dan Sheppard.

In the LMP final pole position driver Steve Donald could not match the speed of Ashley King who won the race with 36 laps, Steve was second on 35 and visiting driver Fred Hatfield took third spot also on 35 laps.

A good evenings racing, next week is round three of the 2018 superleague, trophies will be also presented for the Spring League trophy winners who were unable to attend last weeks presentation.

22-05-18 Summer League Round 1

After a break from racing as the venue was not available last week it was the start of the summer league and it was good welcome two new members Lucas Morgan and Kyren Glover.

Following the three qualifying rounds Nathan Marshall led the club Mardave class to take pole position in the final with Roy Matthews two seconds down in second place and the spring league winner Harvey Forster in third.
In the GT12 class Karl Norris was quickest, four seconds in front of Chelle Snowden with Dan Sheppard third, Darren Ford fourth and Bob Harley in fifth place.

With all the league points resting on the final result a good performance was required.

Nathan Marshall made a good start in the mardave final but it was Harvey Forster who steadily made his way up into the lead and went on to take a fine win just ahead of Nathan in second place and Roy Matthews in third. Well done to Lucas Morgan who finished fourth.

Courtney Orme won the GT12 C final to take maximum points in F3 ahead of Kyren Glover, Mike Yates finishing third.

Jordan Leavis had a convincing win in the B Final, Guy Rogers was second and an incredibly close finish saw Mike Simpson just take third place by just 0.31 seconds from Bob Harris.

The last race of the evening the GT12 A Final was exciting to watch with the first four drivers finishing on the same lap. It was pole position driver Karl Norris who won, Chelle Snowden took second place and Dan Sheppard third (also being best in F2), Bob Harley was fourth with newly promoted F1 driver Darren Ford finishing fifth.

So after round one Harvey Forster, Karl Norris, Dan Sheppard and Courtney Orme all have maximum points in their formulas – can they retain their record next week. With the best six from a possible nine round scores to count there is a long way to go.

Following the racing the spring league trophies were presented by Chelle Snowden, see photograph of some of the trophy winners.

08-05-18 Team Relay

The second team relay of the year comprised of four 30 minute duration multi-leg finals with four teams taking part using team handout transponders.

Dan’s Dazzlers won a very close first leg with 128 laps, Bob’s Bashers were second on 127, Steve’s Wonders third with 126 and Chelle’s Gazelles last a further two laps down.

Things got even better for the Dazzlers in leg 2 where they recorded a second win being six laps clear of the rest of the field to take a commanding overall lead at the halfway stage of the event, the Wonders dropping down to last place.

The Bashers won leg 3 and with the Dazzlers finishing down in third place it meant their overall lead over the Bashers was reduced to just a single point with only the last leg to go. The Wonders were wondering what to do as another fourth place finish had left them no firmly rooted to last place.

So the winners would be decided on the final leg which was very competitive, a win for the Gazelles by just six seconds from the Bashers in second place, these two teams being six laps ahead of the Dazzlers in third place with the Wonders recording a hat trick of last places.

This resulted in the Dazzlers and Bashers being tied for the lead on eight points each meaning the tie break of total laps came into operation, Bob’s Bashers winning with 563 laps against Dan’s Dazzlers 557. An incredibly close result after two hours of track time. Chelle’s Gazelles were third with nine points and Steve’s Wonders fourth with 15.

Following the racing the winning team were presented with trophies by the club treasurer Steve Donald – so he did get his hands on a trophy if only briefly!

Congratulation to the winning captain Bob Harley together with his team Darren Ford, Courtney Orme and James Walker.

Thanks to all who took part including Chris Snowden on race control, a very enjoyable evening.


The summer league will start the following week on 22nd May with the Spring League trophies also being presented