09-07-19 Summer League Round 5

A track design with a tricky bit near the transponder lopp to catch out the unwary.

Top qualifier in the GT12 class was “in-form” Chelle Snowden with Richard Norris second just 3/10th second adrift, both drivers having 37 laps. League leader Karl Norris was in third place with Justin Heath fourth, also setting the fastest lap, both drivers with 36 laps.
In the LMP12 class Ashley King was two laps clear of both visiting driver Peter Stockton in second place and Fred Hatfield third.

McKenzie Wallace had a convincing win in the GT12 “C” Final with Kaelin Thompson finishing in second place after a close race with James Krych who was third.

Next up was the “B” final or should it be called the “Bob” final this week with Bob Harley, Bob Harris and Bob Budge all racing, whatever we were not to be short changed for excitement.
Bob Harris starting from pole made a good start had a great drive to win and be “Top Bob” of the week, Mike Simpson was second and Bob Harley third also setting the quickest lap in the race.

The A Final was one of the best races this year with Chelle Snowden taking the lead from pole position, after the first lap car 2 Richard Norris was second, Car 4 Justin Heath had moved up into third, his car looking very quick, car 5 Kayleigh Knight was fourth and car 3 Karl Norris had dropped down into last position.

Karl soon made his way up into fourth place and on lap 5 there was a change of lead when Richard got ahead of Chelle. All cars were racing wheel to wheel at a very fast pace and on lap 14 Karl moved into third place ahead of Justin with Richard still leading and Chelle in second place.

Into the last third of the race now with everyone watching to see what would happen, the race order changed again on lap 24 when Karl moved up into second place, Chelle dropping down to third.

Into the last 30 seconds of the race on lap 31 with yet another change of order, this time Karl took the lead , Chelle moved up into second and Richard dropped back to third, the order remained unchanged for the remainder of the race with all the top four drivers finishing on 36 laps.

A thrilling race to watch with a very high standard of driving – well done drivers it does not get much better than this.

A win for Karl, Chelle in second place just 0.34sec adrift, Richard Norris third, Justin Heath fourth and setting the fastest lap, Kayleigh Knight was fifth.

The LMP12 final had to be good to follow the previous race, Ashley King was again the “King” of the track with a superb win, Peter Stockton finished in second place just over two seconds ahead of Steve Donald in third. Another great race!

A fantastic evenings racing, can next week be even better?????

02-07-19 Clubnight

Justin Heath wins the GT12 A Final and Steve Donald the LMP12 Final.
As usual the racing in all the heats and finals was very close and competitive.

Chris Davis was the winner of the GT12 C Final closely followed by visiting driver Dan Williams in second place and Bob Budge third, all five drivers had a good race, well done Kaelin Thompson and Freddie Parker!

Nick Wallace made a great start in the B Final from third place on the grid to move into the lead on the first corner, with all drivers lapping at very similar times things were very close. A third of the way through the race Mike Simpson moved into the lead and went on to win. Nick was second with Adam Hancock finishing strongly in third place just 0.67 seconds adrift and setting the quickest lap in the race.

Justin Heath led the drivers away from pole position in the A Final with Simon Pole, Richard Norris and Darren Ford trying to chase him down. Excellent driving by these four produced a superb race, Justin set the fastest lap, the others could not catch him and he went on to take a great victory. Simon was second, Darren third and Richard fourth with 2/10th second between them- what a race to watch.
A great drive Justin!

The last race was the LMP12 Final with Ashley King starting from pole position the scene was set for another epic battle with Steve Donald who was second on the grid. We were not to be disappointed, the pace was very quick with Ashley setting the fastest lap just 2/100th second quicker than Steve. However after some great racing it was Steve who was first to the finishing line with Ashley second and Fred Hatfield third.
Well done Steve – can he repeat the result next week????

Next week is round five of the Summer League

25-06-19 Summer League Round 4

The track was designed by Steve Donald and required maximum concentration from drivers at all times.

After two rounds of qualifying Chelle Snowden was quickest followed by Justin Heath and Karl Norris all with 33 laps, in round three however Karl moved up a gear with 35 laps to take pole position in the A Final.

In the LMP12 class Ashley King was the top driver with Steve Donald just under six seconds adrift and Fred Hatfield three laps down in third position.

In the GT12 C Final Saul Theobold had a fine win, Kaelin Thompson finished in second place a lap down and Caleb Jones was third.

The B final produced some great racing with Adam Hancock, Jack Walsh, Anthony Dennis and McKenzie Wallace all fighting for the lead. Jack and McKenzie raced wheel to wheel for several laps in succession, McKenzie set the fastest lap time and won a thrilling race to watch. Jack finished four seconds down in second place, Adam was third and Anthony fourth.

The A Final developed into a race between Karl Norris starting from pole, Chelle Snowden and Justin Heath. Another very competitive race, Justin set the fastest lap time but at the finish it was the ever consistent Karl who won, Chelle took a well earned second place and Justin finished third all three drivers being on 34 laps.

Just the LMP12 final to go where Ashley King was the victor,(he seems to like Steve Donald track designs!), Steve was a close second and Fred Hatfield third.

A super evenings racing, many thanks to Courtney Orme for running race control and to everyone who assisted in setting out and storing away all the equipment at the end of the evening.

18-06-19 June Trophy Meeting

Thirty drivers this week for the June trophy meeting including seven junior members.
Three rounds of qualifying and a final to decide the trophy winners as usual.

In the GT12 class Karl Norris was the top qualifier with Darren Ford just a second slower, both drivers on 38 laps followed by Justin Heath on 37 and Simon Pole with 36 laps.
Ashley King was quickest in LMP12 with 41 laps to take pole in the final, it could not have been any closer though with Steve Donald just 1/100th of a second adrift. Fred Hatfield was third a lap down.
The scene was set for some exciting racing in the finals and we were not to be disappointed.

In the GT12 D Final Freddie Parker and Roy Matthews were evenly matched throughout the race but it was Freddie who was the winner with Roy just two seconds behind and Anthony Dennis taking third place, Caleb Jones was fourth and Alfie Hart Fifth.

The C final Paul Galbraith made a good return to the club by winning, Paul Dewsnap was second with Chris Davis third, both on the same lap.

Kayleigh Knight won the B final with Jack Walsh and Benn Norris having a great race for second and third places, Jack eventually got the upper hand finishing just under two seconds ahead of Benn, Nick Wallace was fourth. Good race!

Karl Norris led the drivers away from pole position on the grid in the A final and was pursued by Darren Ford and Justin Heath. A very fast pace also produced a nail biting finish. Karl was the winner, Darren second just 0.23 seconds adrift with Justin a further 0.34 seconds behind all on 37 laps.

Just the LMP12 final to go where Steve Donald was the winner with 40 laps, Ashley King took second place on 39 with Fred Hatfield just 0.28 seconds adrift in third.

After all the equipment was stored away the club chairman Bob Harley presented the trophies, including for the Junior members.

See Gresley 2019 Gallery for more photos!
A super evenings racing!

Next week is round 4 of the Summer League.

11-06-19 Superleague Round 3

The twenty three drivers who braved the inclement weather were rewarded with a great evenings racing.

It was good to see Mark Deacon racing again at Burton for the first time since January this year, could he mark his return with an A Final win???
Things were looking promising after the first two rounds of qualifying but Darren Ford put in a tremendous performance in round three to take pole position in the A final from Mark by just 0.05 seconds, Mike Simpson being third, Bob Harris fourth and Bob Harley fifth.

Jack Walsh qualified for pole position in the B Final, William Hewitt the C Final and Freddie Parker the D Final.

Just two LMP12 cars this week,Guy Rogers who was quickest and Steve Donald second.

First up was the GT12 D final where Nick Wallace after struggling with his car all evening came good to win the race, Freddie Parker had another great drive to take second place being a lap clear of Saul Theobold.

The C Final was a very close race with the first three drivers finishing just a few seconds apart, visitor William Hewitt was the winner, Kaelin Thompson was second and Paul Dewsnap third.

Jack Walsh led the cars away in the B Final but unfortunately had to retire after just four laps, Anthony Dennis took over the lead and went on to win from McKenzie Wallace in second place (better watch out Nick!, McKenzie got one more lap than you did),Josh Young was third.

In the A Final Darren Ford won improving on his qualifying time and leaving Mark Deacon two laps down in second place with Bob Harley finishing third after starting a the back of the grid. Behind these three, Bob Harris and Mike Simpson were having there own battle for best placed F2 driver with Bob coming out on top to take fourth place.

Just the LMP12 Final left where Steve Donald finished ahead of Guy Rogers fro the first time in the evening.

The results produced several changes to the leading league positions, but with the best five from a possible six results to count there is still a long way to go before the final round in December.

Next week is the June Trophy meeting, ensure on the evening you book in or inform race control by 6-45pm at the latest. Racing will start promptly at 7pm and the trophies will be presented at the end of the evening.

04-06-19 June Clubnight

A good evenings racing on a great track layout designed by Steve Donald.

Justin Heath won the GT12 A Final with Simon Pole in second place three seconds behind, Darren Ford took third place.

McKenzie Wallace had an impressive win in the B Final driving Nick’s car with Josh Young finishing second and Paul Dewsnap third.

Roy Matthews seemed to have the C Final in the bag when his rear wheels became entangled with some tape, Nathan Marshall was quick to take advantage and went on to win, Freddie Parker was second with Roy eventually finishing third.

In the LMP12 final Ashley King was the winner, Steve Donald second and Richard Norris third.

Some great racing!!!!!

Next week is round 3 of the 2019 Superleague.

28-05-19 Summer League Round 3

After the three rounds of qualifying James Hart was quickest followed by Karl Norris and Chelle Snowden. Justin Heath was fourth overall and also top F2 driver ahead of Simon Pole and Bob Harris.
Anthony Dennis was the leading F3 driver, Neil Jackson was second and Chris Davis third.

In the LMP12 class the top three drivers were only separated by a few seconds, the order being Ashley King, Steve Donald and Fred Hatfield.

Cole Dennis won the GT12 D Final by six laps with Olly Statham finishing second two laps in front of third placed driver Alfie Hart.

In the C Final Benn Norris had a good drive to take the win, Neil Jackson finished second, Roy Matthews third and Freddie Parker fourth.

The B Final was a close race, at the finish Kayleigh Knight was the winner just over three seconds ahead of Guy Rogers with Mike Simpson third and Anthony Dennis fourth also taking maximum points in F3. Bob Harley won the “battle of the Bob’s” this week finishing ahead of Bob Harris with both drivers having problems with their cars.

Just the A Final to go in the GT12 class and it was certainly worth waiting for, being run at a very fast pace. James Hart starting from pole position was the winner by two seconds from F1 League leader Karl Norris in second place, Chelle Snowden a further seven seconds adrift was third. Darren Ford finished fourth, Simon Pole fifth and also top F2 driver with Justin Heath sixth. Great racing!!!

The last race of the evening saw a fine win in the LMP12 final by Ashley King, Fred Hatfield took second place and visiting driver Andy Plimmer third.

A super evenings racing, Karl Norris still leads F1 although his incredible run of successive wins came to an end with a second place finish to James Hart. Simon Pole is the leader in F2 and Anthony Dennis in F3. Looking forward to some very competitive racing during the remaining six rounds of the summer league.

21-05-19 Summer League Round 2

Karl Norris won the GT12 A Final to take maximum points from the first two rounds in the F1 League, Darren Ford was second and Chelle Snowden third.

In F2 Richard Norris was the top driver with Simon Pole in second place and Justin Heath third.

Jack Walsh also retained his 100% record at the top of the F3 League, Anthony Dennis was second and Roy Matthews third.

In the LMP12 class Steve Donald and Ashley King are joint leaders following Steve’s win this week.

Round three is next Tuesday 28th May


07-05-19 Summer League Round 1

A Courtney Orme modified version of standard track design No 2 for the first round of the new league.

After two rounds of qualifying Richard Norris was quickest, but in round three Karl Norris put in the best time to take pole in the A Final with Richard in second spot, Chelle Snowden third, Simon Pole fourth, Darren Ford fifth after missing the first round and running in heat 2 and Kayleigh Knight completing the A Final line up.

Bob Harley headed up the B Final with Nick Wallace car 2 and Mike Simpson car 3.

Adam Hancock took pole for the C Final ahead of Paul Carter and Nathan Marshall who was racing at Burton after several weeks break.

The grid order for first final the GT12 D Final was Saul Theobold, Freddie Parker and Caleb Jones. However it was visiting driver Kaelin Thompson starting from the back of the grid who was the winner, Saul Theobold finished in second place and Freddie Parker third.

Adam Hancock had a comfortable win in the C Final finising two laps ahead of second placed driver Paul Carter with visiting driver William Hewitt finishing third.

Bob Harley was the winner of the B final but is was very close for the next three places between Nick Wallace, Mike Simpson and Jack Walsh with all three drivers having a few spills during the race. On the final lap Jack Walsh was holding second place but in the last few moments of the race Mike Simpson moved up into second with Jack finishing third just 0.25 seconds adrift and Nick Wallace fourth. Another great finish but not quite as good as last week when Jack won by 6/100th second!

The A Final was great to watch and produced a very close result, Karl Norris was the winner just over three seconds ahead of Simon Pole with Darren Ford just 0.59 seconds adrift in third place. Looking forward to seeing some very competitive racing in the remaining rounds.

In the LMP12 Final Steve Donald was first over the finishing line with Ashley King just 0.33 seconds behind and also setting the quickest lap, Fred Hatfield was third.

Following the racing Club Chairman Bob Harley presented the Spring League trophies. Congratulations to all the trophy winners including the league winners Karl Norris F1, Kayleigh Knight F2, Paul Carter F3, Freddie Parker F3 Junior and Saul Theobold the Chairmans cup for the most improved driver winner.