04/03/21 Covid Upate

Hopefully the current plan to bring the covid-19  virus under control will enable us to return to indoor racing again later in the year. This will be dependant both on the Government regulations and also the race venue Gresley Old Hall .

The website will be updated and Burton Buggy Club members informed when a definite restart date is known.

See copy of the BRCA – Getting Back on Track 2021 as 03/03/2021 below.

BRCA – Getting Back on Track 2021
This document first issued 3rd March 2021
The Following Information is correct as at the above date and is ‘to the best of our
knowledge’ it is still being ‘clarified’ by government and the senior sporting bodies – so is subject to change.

Basic Timescale relevant to our sport – Applicable to ENGLAND
29th March
• Outdoor, 1 day, events may recommence – But should be;- ’local clubs for local
people’ wherever possible, extensive travel is to be discouraged.
• There is No Limit to the number who may participate – Full Social Distancing applies,
All Guidance is as per the current ‘Getting Back on Track Document’

12th April – Additional to the above
• Outdoor, 2 day or more, events may recommence.
• Staying overnight in your own, on site, accommodation (caravan, motorhome, tent)
is permissible.
• ‘Self-Contained’ accommodation can open and can be booked by all (static caravans,
holiday cottages, some motels etc)
• Officials (None Competing only) can book a normal hotel as this is classed as ‘work’
even though a voluntary activity.

17th May – Additional to both above.
• Indoor events can recommence.
• Hotels, B&B’s etc can re-open to all.

12th April & Indoors – The current regulations allow for Leisure Centres to open from the 12th April for ‘Individual Activity’, but specifically not ‘organised Group sport’ there is
currently no mention of ‘organised Individual sport’ as was included last Autumn. This is
being investigated as to what’s intended, but we assume this is deliberate and hence the 17th May is when racing can commence Indoors, IF this changes, we will communicate it.

Event Guidance & Social Distancing – This will change during the March to June period, but currently we don’t know when, as this should be a reduction of the social distancing requirements then we may find this is at short notice, as the worst case is events run with precautions that may have been deemed unnecessary, we don’t believe this to be an issue!