26-03-19 Spring Trophy Meeting

A fast track design for the first trophy meeting of the year produced a great evenings racing.

After three qualifying rounds it was time for the finals.

Phil Draycott had a convincing win in the C Final with Jack Walker finishing in second place, Saul Theobold third and Alfie Hart fourth.

In the B Final Jack Walsh improved on his qualifying time to take a well deserved victory over Mike Simpson in second place and Adam Hancock third.

Dan Sheppard won the A Final with Guy Rogers, Justin Heath and David Statham battling it out for the second and third place trophies. In the end they finished in that order, just a couple of seconds apart.

After all the equipment was stored away the trophies were presented by Courtney Orme.

It was good to see Junior members Jack Walsh, Jack Walker, Saul Theobold and Alfie Hart all putting in great performances, well done!

See the Gresley 2019 gallery for photos of some of the trophy winners.

Next week is a clubnight.

19-03-19 Spring League Round 7

A Louis Parker design track layout this week to test the drivers skills in round seven of nine in the spring league.

Once again it was Karl Norris who was quickest in the qualifying with Dan Sheppard and Chelle Snowden a lap down in second and third places.
Kayleigh Knight was in fifth place overall being best in F2 and making the A final a lap clear of Simon Pole and Mike Simpson.
In F3 Paul Carter was tenth overall with Adam Hancock in second place and Jack Walsh third a lap down on Paul.
Ashley King was the fastest in LMP with Steve Donald in second place and Louis Parker third.

First up was the GT12 D final where Phil Draycott was the winner with Jack Walker taking second place and Kaelin Thompson third and Saul Theobold fourth.

Jack Walsh had a good drive with some fast laps to win the C final ahead of Neil Jackson in second place and James Walker third.

Simon Pole starting from pole position on the grid in the B final made a great start was in the lead throughout the race to win, Mike Simpson was second and Benn Norris was third improving a full two laps from his best qualifying round – well done Benn. Paul Carter finished in fifth place to once again be the top F3 driver.

The A final was run at a very fast pace and once again Karl Norris was the winner with Chelle Snowden winning a keen contest for second place with Dan Sheppard. Bob Harley finished fourth, Guy Rogers fifth and Kayleigh Knight sixth to take maximum points in F2.

In the last race of the evening Ashley King was the “King” of the LMP class with a fine win with an “in-form” Fred Hatfield chasing him right to the finishing line in a very exciting race to watch. Steve Donald took third place and Louis Parker fourth.

Just two rounds to go in the league things are very close in the different formulas.

In F1 Karl Norris is assured of the league title but can he win the remaining two rounds – no pressure Karl. Chelle Snowden is in second place just a single point ahead of Dan Sheppard

Kayleigh Knight leads F2 and has the chance of achieving a maximum 600 points score, however if David Statham wins the remaining two rounds he could tie with Kayleigh on points. Simon Pole, Justin Heath and Mike Simpson all have the chance of finishing in the top three.

In F3 Paul Carter leads by just five points from Adam Hancock, the last two round scores will decide who wins the league championship, Roy Matthews is at present in third place but will be under pressure from the other drivers including Freddie Parker and Phil Draycott.

Louis Parker is at the top of the LMP class league, however the things are very close and he will need good performances in the remaining two rounds to maintain his lead.

Looking forward to some very exciting racing in rounds 8 and 9.

Finally many thanks to Courtney Orme for running race control and ensuring the evening ran smoothly including starting and finishing on time.

12-03-19 Spring League Round 6

After three rounds of qualifying Karl Norris was again the top GT12 qualifier, Chelle Snowden was second and Dan Sheppard third. Justin Heath was the best in F2 being fifth overall and making the A Final. David Statham was second in F2 and Kayleigh Knight third.

Paul Carter was again in good form and was the leading F3 driver, Neil Jackson was second and Roy Matthews third.

In the LMP12 class Ashley King took pole position for the final ahead of Fred Hatfield who was just 0.11 seconds quicker than Steve Donald in third place.


Phil Draycott won the GT12 D final with Freddie Parker close behind in second place followed by Jack Walker in third.

Benn Norris had a fine win in the C final being four laps clear of Paul Carter with Roy Matthews taking third place and Neil Jackson fourth, both being a lap down on Paul.

Bob Harley won the B Final with David Statham taking second place and Kayleigh Knight third. Simon Pole using his new car made a great start to the race but no rubber left on his tyres soon slowed his progress, watch out for him next week with a fresh set of tyres!!!!

The A final produced a close race but it was Karl Norris who recorded his sixth consecutive win in the league, Chelle Snowden was second just over six seconds adrift and Dan Sheppard finished third. The wheels came off for Justin Heaths race (just one wheel actually) forcing a retirement early on in the race.

The last race of the evening was the LMP12 final where Ashley King had a convincing win, Fred Hatfield set the fastest lap by the finest of margins 1/100th second and took second place in the race with Steve Donald finishing third.

Two thirds of the way though the league now after this evenings racing, many congratulations to Karl Norris on winning the F1 league with maximum points after just six rounds.

With three rounds remaining and six from a possible nine round scores to count drivers who race in seven or more rounds will have a chance to discount there worst scores.

Round 7 next week!

05-03-19 March Clubnight

An ordinary evenings racing with no league points at stake this week.

Justin Heath was the top GT12 driver winning the A final, Guy Rogers took second place and Bob Harley third.

Simon Pole won a close B Final finishing ahead of Nick Wallace in second place with fast improving Jack Walsh finishing third followed by another good performance from Freddie Parker in fourth.

Kaelin Thompson racing for the first time at Burton was the winner of the C Final with Saul Theobold also in his first race finishing second. Well done to both drivers!

Louis Parker was again the driver to beat in the LMP12 class, Ashley King gave him a good run for his money but had to settle for second place in a very close finish, Steve Donald was third ahead of Fred Hatfield.

Next week is Round 6 of the Spring League.