29-09-2019 BRCA Midland Regional GT12 Series 2019 Round 1

The first round of the 2019 three round Midland GT12 series got off to a great start at Burton Buggy Club with twenty one GT12 drivers plus five racing in the LMP12 support class.

Following a practice round there were four qualifying rounds. Gary Kirkpatrick was top qualifier closely followed by Craig Nutting, Justin Heath, Simon Pole and Andrew Slingsby all being on 37 laps.

In the LMP12 class Ashley King was the quickest with 52 laps being just under two and a half seconds ahead of James Stewart with the other drivers all being a lap down.

The LMP12 final was first and produced some great racing with all drivers lapping in similar times, the winner was Ashley King, James Stewart took second place and Steve Donald third – all on 52 laps.

Kaelin Thompson won the GT12 C Final, three laps ahead of second placed driver Michael Davies, Freddie Parker finishing third.

McKenzie Wallace made a great start in the B Final, however it turned into a battle for the lead between Bob Harley and Pete Allen with Bob getting the upper hand to win, Pete was second and Nick Wallace third.

Just the A Final remaining and with ten cars on the track together it was bound to be a great race to watch. Gary Kirkpatrick led the cars away from pole position on the grid and was the winner, super driving from both Simon Pole and Matthew Cook earned them second and third places respectively.

Trophies were presented to the first three drivers in each Final, GT12 Top Qualifier and the leading three Junior drivers by Chelle Snowden and Bob Harley.

A great days racing, many thanks to Bob Harley for organising the event, Chris Snowden at race control and everyone who helped on the day with the track and equipment.

Don’t forget round 2 is at Rowley Regis on 3rd November.

24-09-19 Clubnight

A Steve Donald track design this week, one of his best producing some great racing and as a bonus a track on which he managed to beat Ashley King in the final!

An ordinary clubnight prior to the BRCA Midland GT12 Regional Series Round 1 which is being held this SUNDAY 29th SEPTEMBER.
It is not too late to enter, either via the BRCA website or by contacting Bob Harley direct – I am sure it will be a great day.
Refreshments will be available from the bar including assorted cobs, soft drinks, Tea and Coffee.

Visiting driver Craig Nutting won the GT12 A Final with Simon Pole finishing in second place just over half a second ahead of Justin Heath.

Bob Harley was the winner of the B Final, Mike Simpson took second place and Bob Harris finished third.

In the C Final Nick Wallace had a runaway victory, James Krych was second and Coleby Thompson third.

The LMP12 Final was run at a fast and furious pace, it was visiting driver Mick Farrell who won the race being two laps clear of a tremendous battle between Ashley King and Steve Donald. After racing wheel to wheel for almost all of the race it was Steve who took second place ahead of Ashley in third. A great race to watch!

Many thanks to Courtney Orme at race control for ensuring the evenings racing went smoothly.

17-09-19 Winter League Round 3

Round three of the Winter League using another of the potential layouts for Round 1 of the 2019 BRCA Midland GT12 Regional Series to be held on Sunday 29th September.

Another very competitive evenings racing, it was good to see the clubs junior members performing so well with McKenzie Wallace and Benn Norris both making the GT12 A Final.

James Krych won the GT12 C Final with Freddie Parker in second place and Coleby Thompson third.

The B Final had to be halted part way through due several cars going under the carpet (a very rare occurrence at Burton).
At the re-start Bob Harris was first to the finish followed by Jack Walsh and Mike Simpson.

In the A Final (or should we rename it the “Team Norris” Final this week with Karl, Kayleigh and Benn all racing together).
Karl was the winner, Chelle Snowden second and Kayleigh Knight third.

Ashley King was the winner of the LMP12 Final, Steve Donald was second and Paul Lison third.

Chelle Snowden still leads F1, Bob Harris F2 and McKenzie Wallace F3 being the only driver with maximum points in all the three rounds to date.


29-09-19 GT12 Midland Regional Series Round 1 Sunday 29th September

Don’t forget Round 1 of the BRCA  GT12 Midland Regional Series is being run by Burton Buggy Club on Sunday 29th September 2019 at Gresley Old Hall.

Entry is via the BRCA Website

These meetings will cater for all, no matter what your ability is.

At the Burton meeting we are having trophies for all finals and also for top three juniors.

Looking forward to a good response from drivers to what I am sure will be great events.

The support class for Burton will be LMP12, these drivers need to book in with Bob Harley by paypal to bobharley362@yahoo.com cost £10.00 do it by friends please, normal details are required.

10-09-19 Winter League Round 2

The second round of the Winter League using the second of three potential layouts for Round 1 of the 2019 BRCA Midland GT12 Regional Series to be held on Sunday 29th September.

Karl Norris was top qualifier in the GT12 class closely followed by Chelle Snowden, both drivers on 35 laps, Darren Ford, Kayleigh Knight and Guy Rogers all a lap down, these five drivers making up the A Final.
Anthony Dennis was the leading F2 driver with Bob Harris and Mike Simpson all on the same lap.
In F3 Jack Walsh was best, McKenzie Wallace second and Kaelin Thhompson third.
Just three LMP12 this week the qualifying order being James Hart, Steve Donald and Richard Norris.

The GT12 D Final produced a close finish, the winner being Saul Theobold, James Krych took second place and Freddie Parker third.
In the C Final McKenzie Wallace, Benn Norris and Jack Walsh were evenly matched and after some great racing finished in that order.
Bob Harley won the B Final and was “Top Bob” this week, newly promoted Anthony Dennis finished in second place on the same lap and Bob Harris was third.
In LMP12 James Hart was the victor, Richard Norris second and Steve Donald third.

It is early days in the league, the current leaders are F1 Chelle Snowden, F2 Bob Harris, F3 McKenzie Wallace and LMP12 Richard Norris.

Following the racing the Summer League trophies were presented, congratulations to all the winners.

Don’t forget the GT12 Midland Series event on Sunday 29th September.

our support class for burton will be lmp these drivers need to book in with me by paypal to bobharley362@yahoo.com cost £10.00 do it by freinds please normal details are required


03-09-19 Winter League Round 1

A James Hart track design this week, one of three potential layouts for Round 1 of the 2019 BRCA Midland GT12 Regional Series to be held on Sunday 29th September.

Entry to the event is available via the BRCA website.
The support class for Round 1 at Burton on Sunday 29th September will be LMP12, booking for that class is via Bob Harley at bobharley362@yahoo.com cost £10.00 please pay by friends

In the first week of the new Winter League Justin Heath was top qualifier in the GT12 class but only just as Chelle Snowden was 0.23 seconds behind with Bob Harley taking third position.

In LMP12 Ashley King was best, two laps quicker than Steve Donald, Richard Norris a further lap down in third.

Nick Wallace had a convincing win in the GT12 C Final, Bob Budge was second and Kaelin Thompson third.

Visiting driver Arian Tunstall won the B Final from pole position, it was close for second and third places between Anthony Dennis and Mike Simpson with Mike finishing 4 seconds ahead at the finish.

Yet another great A Final with battle for the win between pole position driver Justin Heath and Chelle Snowden. Justin set the quickest laptime but it was Chelle who was first across the line to take a fine win.
Behind these two Bob Harley and Bob Harris were fighting for third place with Bob Harris having a great drive, taking third and being “Top Bob” of the week.

Ashley King was the winner of the LMP12 Final by three laps from Richard Norris and Fred Hatfield who finished less than a second apart.