28-07-15 Summer League Round 5

James Hart is top qualifier and wins the A Final
An excellent drive by Nick Bruty to win the B final
Scott Lewis beats last weeks winner Selina Woods in the C Final
Mike Simpson wins the V12 Mardave final from Paul Galbraith
Louis Parker is presented with his spring league trophies

Week five of the current summer league this week saw James Hart extend his unbeaten run in the GT12 class, Louis Parker and Darren Ford were very evenly matched in the qualifying a lap down on James. Louis took second place and the A Final result was similar, Louis being a lap in front of Darren this time.

Nick Bruty had an excellent win in the B Final, some great driving with David Simpson finishing in second place a lap down.

Scott Lewis was on pole for the C Final and had a good run to win with Selina Woods second on the same lap and Alwyn Hodges third a further lap behind.

Some really close racing in the V12 Mardave class between Mike Simpson and Paul Galbraith, Mike was top qualifier to be on pole for the final.
Joshua Galbraith made a great start in the final and was in the lead before a couple of slight errors let Mike and Paul through. It was neck and neck between these two right to the finishing line with Mike winning by 0.4 seconds after Paul very sportingly let him by after a coming together of their cars a couple of laps from the end.

Chelle Snowden presented Louis Parker with his spring league trophies for “Best Junior” and also second place in the Division 1 of the GT12 class – well done Louis!

Don’t forget it is Superleague round 4 next week.

21-07-15 Summer League Round 4

Selina Woods has a great win the GT12 C Final ahead of Scott Lewis
Dave Tomlinson romps to victory in the B Final two laps clear of Nick Bruty in second place
James Hart is fastest qualifier and takes the A Final with Darren Ford in pursuit
Mike Simpson gets maximum points in the V12 Mardave class, narrowly beating Jordan Galbraith in the Final

Spring League Trophies presented by the club chairman Robert Hambridge


In the GT12 class James Hart was the top qualifier on 38 laps with Darren Ford second with 37 closely followed by David Simpson just over a second behind.
Dave Tomlinson was fastest in division 2 getting 35 laps, Bob Harley and Nick Bruty were second and third respectively on 34 laps.
In division 3 Scott Lewis was the leading driver with 28 laps, Selina Woods took second place also on 28 laps with Courtney Orme in third place a lap down.
Mike Simpson won all three qualifying rounds in the V12 Mardave class to take pole position in the final with 31 laps, Paul Galbraith was second with 30 laps and Jordan Galbraith third on 28 laps.

Before the finals the Spring League trophies were presented.
Well done to all the trophy winners and in particular to the GT12 League champions James Hart, Chelle Snowden and Matt Popejoy and also Paul Galbraith and Jordan Galbraith in the V12 Mardave class.

See the Gallery Gresley 2015 page for photographs of all the trophy winners.

As usual it was the Mardave Final up first where Jordan Galbraith took an early lead from third place on the grid and was in command of the race with Mike Simpson and Paul Galbraith trying to chase him down. Unfortunately Jordan’s car slowed down a little near the end of the race letting Mike get by, these two racing feet apart for the final few laps with Mike crossing the finishing line 2.49 second ahead, both drivers on 48 laps, Paul was third a lap down.

Scott Lewis was on pole for the GT12 C Final but the star of the race was Selina Woods with an excellent drive to overtake Scott and go on to win the race on 45 laps with Scott and Courtney Orme second and third one lap down. Well done Selina! – can anyone beat her in the next round?

The GT12 B Final was a good race with all the drivers going well, Dave Tomlinson was the driver who came out on top scoring 55 laps to win, Nick Bruty was second on 53 laps and a super drive from Nick Wallace earned him third place on 52 laps.

In the A Final Darren Ford was the closest to catching James Hart with some high speed driving, James was the winner with a tremendous 59 laps, Darren scored 58 laps and a fine performance from newly promoted driver Chelle Snowden won her third place on 57 laps.

14-07-15 Summer League Round 3

James Hart extends his run of wins to be the only driver to have taken maximum points from the three rounds raced, Louis Parker also had a great evening keeping the pressure on James.
Nick Bruty wins the B Final, Bob Harley takes second place.
Selina Woods extends her lead in division 3 after winning the C Final by five laps from Courtney Orme who was second.
Paul Galbraith just pips Mike Simpson by 0.56 seconds to be fastest qualifier in the V12 Mardave class, Mike wins the final after Paul had problems with his car whilst in the lead.

Some very close and entertaining racing as usual in the Mardave V12 class, Paul Galbraith and Mike Simpson had a great battle all evening with Paul being top qualifier and Mike winning the final where Joshua Galbraith had another excellent race to take second place. Roy Matthews was using a new bodyshell which was not his usual “stealth” grey colour to blend in with the carpet.

Selina Woods won the GT12 C final by the huge margin of five laps, come on you division 3 drivers let’s see if you can give her a proper race next week!

The B final turned into a close race between Nick Bruty, Bob Harley and Nick Wallace, it was Nick Bruty who came out on top to win with Bob and Nick Wallace second and third.

Everyone was treated to another excellent A Final with James Hart and Louis Parker having a very close race and finishing two laps clear of the rest of the field. On a tight track design overtaking was at a premium, Louis was in the lead part way through the race and withstood sustained pressure from James until near the end when James got past to win. – a fantastic race to watch. ┬áBehind these two Gavin Maciver and Darren Ford were also in great form having a tremendous race for third place, in the end it was Gavin who took third place just 0.27 second ahead.

Looking forward another great final next week!


07-07-15 Summer League Round 2

Mardave V12 qualifying was very close with only 0.19 seconds separating the first three drivers
Scott Lewis is top qualifier and wins the C final in GT12 division 3
Dave Tomlinson is fastest qualifier in division 2 but Bob Harley wins the B final
James Hart takes another maximum points in division 1, winning the A Final


A fast, flowing design this week

Mardave V12 Class
An incredibly close result in the qualifying with Mike Simpson being fastest followed by Paul Galbraith just 0.06 Seconds adrift and Joshua Galbraith a further 0.13 seconds behind.
In the final it was Paul Galbraith who had a comfortable win with Joshua taking second place with a fine drive.

GT12 Division 1
Yet again James Hart was in unbeatable form, being a lap better than anyone else in the qualifying and two laps ahead in the A Final. Louis Parker was second in the qualifying and Darren Ford took second second place in the final after being chased all the way to the finishing line by Chelle Snowden.

GT12 Division 2
Nick Bruty won round 1 with Dave Tomlinson in second place, Dave then went on to win the two remaining rounds with Bob Harley being in second place overall and Nick third.
Bob was in sparkling form in the B Final to win from Dave in second place in a great race.

GT12 Division 3
Scott Lewis was top qualifier and won the C Final to get maximum points from the evening. Guest driver Andy Clarke was second qualifier but only managed fourth place in the final. Courtney Orme had a good drive to take second place with Selina Woods third.

30-06-15 Summer League Round 1

Jordan Galbraith races to victory in the Mardave V12 Final
Selina Woods wins the GT12 C Final to take an early lead in division 3 just one point ahead of Scott Lewis
Chelle Snowden wins the GT12 B Final one lap ahead of Nick Bruty
James Hart makes a good start to defending his GT12 division 1 league title with Louis Parker an excellent second place, Darren Ford and Gavin Maciver both finishing a further lap behind.

Some good racing again this week, the summer league runs over ten rounds with a maximum of the best eight scores for each driver to count towards the final score.