25-06-24 Summer League Round 1

The first round of the summer league, there were three drivers with 34 laps after the qualifying rounds. Karl Norris was the quickest, Freddie Parker second and Benn Norris third. Chelle Snowden had 33 laps followed by Richard Johnston and Nick Wallace on 32 laps.


Kevin Flamson was the winner of the “D” Final being five laps clear of second place driver Barry Thomas, Eric Enion finished third.

Mike Simpson won the “C” Final ahead of Josh Freeman in second place and Paul Wallis third.

Nick Wallace was the winner of the “B” Final, Bob Harley was second just under two seconds ahead of Steven Myall in third place.

Karl Norris won the “A” Final with 35 laps, Freddie Parker was second on 34 laps, Benn Norris third on 33 laps, Richard Johnston finished fourth and Chelle Snowden fifth.

Thanks to everyone who helped with setting up and storing away all the equipment at the end of the evening.

For the full results click on the link below and select Burton Buggy Club


Next week, Tuesday 2nd July is the July Clubnight, Booking in as usual by text message to the Clubs mobile.