24-08-21 Clubnight

Yet another different track design this week.

Three Qualifying rounds and a final as usual.
Karl Norris was the top qualifier yet again ahead of Simon Pole who set the quickest lap time. Chelle Snowden took third place, Guy Rogers was fourth on his first outing with his new car, with Kayleigh Knight taking the remaining place in the A Final.

Ian Craig won the GT12 D Final improving by four laps on his qualifying score.

In the C Final Nick Wallace won from pole position on the grid, Mike Simpson was second and Paul Carter third.
McKenzie Wallace was quickest on the track but had to retire from the race after four and a half minutes.

Richard Carnwell was the winner of the B Final, Bob Harley took second place and Benn Norris third with Dan Stones fourth following an impressive performance in the qualifying.

Karl Norris won the A Final with 37 laps and also set the fastest lap. Simon Pole was second and Chelle Snowden third both with 36 laps, a great race to watch.