09-07-19 Summer League Round 5

A track design with a tricky bit near the transponder lopp to catch out the unwary.

Top qualifier in the GT12 class was “in-form” Chelle Snowden with Richard Norris second just 3/10th second adrift, both drivers having 37 laps. League leader Karl Norris was in third place with Justin Heath fourth, also setting the fastest lap, both drivers with 36 laps.
In the LMP12 class Ashley King was two laps clear of both visiting driver Peter Stockton in second place and Fred Hatfield third.

McKenzie Wallace had a convincing win in the GT12 “C” Final with Kaelin Thompson finishing in second place after a close race with James Krych who was third.

Next up was the “B” final or should it be called the “Bob” final this week with Bob Harley, Bob Harris and Bob Budge all racing, whatever we were not to be short changed for excitement.
Bob Harris starting from pole made a good start had a great drive to win and be “Top Bob” of the week, Mike Simpson was second and Bob Harley third also setting the quickest lap in the race.

The A Final was one of the best races this year with Chelle Snowden taking the lead from pole position, after the first lap car 2 Richard Norris was second, Car 4 Justin Heath had moved up into third, his car looking very quick, car 5 Kayleigh Knight was fourth and car 3 Karl Norris had dropped down into last position.

Karl soon made his way up into fourth place and on lap 5 there was a change of lead when Richard got ahead of Chelle. All cars were racing wheel to wheel at a very fast pace and on lap 14 Karl moved into third place ahead of Justin with Richard still leading and Chelle in second place.

Into the last third of the race now with everyone watching to see what would happen, the race order changed again on lap 24 when Karl moved up into second place, Chelle dropping down to third.

Into the last 30 seconds of the race on lap 31 with yet another change of order, this time Karl took the lead , Chelle moved up into second and Richard dropped back to third, the order remained unchanged for the remainder of the race with all the top four drivers finishing on 36 laps.

A thrilling race to watch with a very high standard of driving – well done drivers it does not get much better than this.

A win for Karl, Chelle in second place just 0.34sec adrift, Richard Norris third, Justin Heath fourth and setting the fastest lap, Kayleigh Knight was fifth.

The LMP12 final had to be good to follow the previous race, Ashley King was again the “King” of the track with a superb win, Peter Stockton finished in second place just over two seconds ahead of Steve Donald in third. Another great race!

A fantastic evenings racing, can next week be even better?????