Tuesday 7th January 2014 – Final Round of 2013 Autumn League

The New Year commenced with the final round of the 2013 Autumn League on a track layout which included a long fast section coupled with a tight and twisty infield.  Louis Parker was in tremendous form being a lap faster than anyone else in qualifying and duly winning the “A” final.  Dave Tomlinson also had a great evening finishing second behind Louis, Daniel Williams was third fastest in qualifying but was pushed down to fourth place in the finals by Richard Parker who had a brilliant drive in the “B” final.

Richard Parker was the Division 1 league winner scoring 234 points, Daniel Williams was second with 219 and despite a great finish Louis could not catch Daniel and was third on 215 points.

Bob Harley also had his car going well and took maximum points in Division 2 followed by Paul Galbraith and Michelle Snowden who were second and third respectively.

In the end it was a very close result, Michelle Snowden was the division 2 winner with 238 points, followed by Bob Harley with 236 points and Paul Galbraith taking third place on 222.

In division 3 Josh Galbraith left everyone else for dust to score maximum points, Roy Matthews was second in both qualifying and finals.  Courtney Orme was third in qualifying but a disaster in the final gave Alwyn Hodges third place.

Roy Matthews was the division 3 winner with 240 points, Courtney second with 222 and Alwyn in third place on 211.