21-01-20 Spring League Round 2

Round 2 of the current League used a similar track design to Round 1 last week. Interesting to see who had an improved performance.

Karl Norris was quickest in the qualifying rounds followed by Darren Ford, Kayleigh Knight, Justin Heath and Anthony Dennis.
Ben Norris was the best placed Junior Member for the second week in succession being in 9th place overall.

Ashley King was best in LMP12 being just over 4 seconds ahead of Gavin Maciver in second place, Fred Hatfield was third.


The first race was the GT12 D Final which was won by Simon Honeysett being two laps ahead of Jason Leavis in second place, Freddie Parker was third.

Mike Simpson won the C Final and McKenzie Wallace just got the better of Jack Walsh in the battle for second place.

Bob Harley won the B final from pole position, Bob Harris finished second after starting at the back of the grid and Stuart Evans was third.

Karl Norris had a great win in the A final with Darren Ford second and Justin Heath third.

Gavin Maciver won the LMP final finishing ahead of Ashley King by 0.49 seconds, Ashley having set the fastest lap time, Fred Hatfield was third.

So after two rounds Darren Ford and Karl Norris are tied for the lead in F1.

Bob Harris is the new leader in F2 with Stephen Deacon second.

Jack Walsh remains unbeaten and leads F3 with Simon Honeysett in second place.

Gavin Maciver is the leader of the LMP league ahead of Ashley King.

Round 3 is next week.