17-03-20 Spring League Round 7

The last race meeting before closing until further notice due to the COVID-19 virus.

Just three heats in each round but still producing some very competitive races.

Karl Norris was top qualifier with Darren Ford second, Chelle Snowden third, Kayleigh Knight Fourth and Stephen Deacon Fifth, these drivers making up the A Final.

The GT12 C final saw a fine race between McKenzie Wallace and Simon Honeysett, at the finish McKenzie was the winner by just over 3 seconds with Caleb Jones in third place.

In the B Final Bob Harley took the win, Benn Norris was second and Mike Simpson third.

Darren Ford won the A Final, Karl Norris looked to be assured of a win but finished in second place following a racing incident on the penultimate lap. Kayleigh Knight finished third with Stephen Deacon fourth and also being top F2 driver.

Current League Positions

GT12 F1
Karl Norris remains in the lead with Darren Ford moving up into second place and Kayleigh Knight third.

GT12 F2
Nick Wallace is the league leader, Benn Norris remains second and Mike Simpson third.

GT12 F3
Simon Honeysett is the new league leader pushing the leader since the first round Jack Walsh down into second place, Freddie Parker remains third.

No changes, Fred Hatfield leads, Ashley King is second and Gavin Maciver third.

Many thanks to Courtney Orme for running race control and everyone else who helped set out the track and store all the equipment away at the end of the evening.