06-11-18 November Team Event

The last team event of the year with captains Ashley King, Fred Hatfield, Steve Donald, Dan Sheppard and Nay Wells taking part in a draw to decide their team members.

Fred Hatfield’s team took an early lead in round 1 with 130 laps, Steve Donald’s team were in second place just 6 laps adrift and Ashley King’s team a further 2 laps behind in third place. Dan Sheppard’s team were trailing in last place due to Martyn Hartshorne unfortunately having problems with his car which despite best efforts ultimately took three rounds to sort out.

There were three qualifying rounds and a final as usual and although the team order remained unchanged throughout the evening the final result was close, the winners being Fred Hatfield, Chris Metcalfe, Darren Ford and Justin Heath with 553 laps.

Despite Steve Donald getting a magnificent 40 laps in the final round his team of Chelle Snowden, Matthew Tansley and Mike Simpson finished second with 538 laps.

Third place went to Ashley King, Guy Rogers, James Walker and Bob Harley with 526 laps. (No win for Bob on his birthday!)

An enjoyable evening, congratulations to the winners who will all receive a free evenings racing.

Finally many thanks to Chris Snowden for running race control and collating all the results.

Round by round scores shown below.