Team Relay Rules

Drivers to pre-book prior to the event date.

The event format will be a relay carrying a team handout transponder which must be securely fitted to the car in each team currently racing. 

No laps will be manually added due to failure to fit transponders securely. 

Team captains will be chosen and drivers allocated into their teams. 

The team transponder changeover between cars must be carried out via the pit lane and not the main track area. 

Extreme care must be taken by all when present in the pit lane, including drivers of cars on entering and exiting. 

To ensure all drivers in each team get a fair share of track time there will be defined one minute duration changeover windows announced by race control during which all teams must enter the pit lane and start their changeover. 

Each team member must drive in all of the rounds to the next changeover window, in the event of their car breaking down and not being quickly repairable they may be substituted by the teams next driver who may continue until their changeover window. 

The number of rounds and their duration will depend on the number of drivers in the event. It is anticipated that there will be four rounds of approximately 30 minutes with a 5 minute break between rounds.  

Team members must marshal their own team cars whilst applying a common –  sense approach to also marshal cars from other teams if involved in the same incident. 

Each round will be run as a final, the team score for the round will be its position as determined by the total laps completed by each team in the round.  Winner 1 Point, Second 2 Points, Third 3 Points etc 

The overall points for each team will be the sum of each of their round point scores the winning team having the lowest total of overall points. 

Team total laps and times will be used as a tiebreak in all cases. 

For the first round only there will be a draw to determine team grid positions. 

For all subsequent rounds a “reverse grid” will be used with the team leading the event starting at the back. 

This is a fun event so have a great time!