Burton Buggy Club Rules

Burton Buggy Club General Rules

The purpose of these rules is to ensure that each club night is run in a controlled an efficient manner to maximise the enjoyment for everyone. All members must conduct themselves in an orderly manner that is not injurious to the character or interest of the Club and encourage a positive environment on and off the track in compliance with the BRCA “Race with respect” code. They are requested to assist with setting up and dismantling the equipment each evening and must marshal their designated races to a high standard. To achieve the maximum amount of racing each evening it is important that all drivers are ready both to race and marshal on time without relying on the race controller to remind them. 


Burton Buggy Club is affiliated to the BRCA and it is a requirement that all drivers must also be current members of the BRCA. Drivers must present their BRCA membership cards to the race controller or club secretary for verification when requested.   


The Burton Buggy Club annual membership runs from 1st January to 31st December each year in line with the BRCA. 

Hall Rules 

Everyone must abide by the Gresley Old Hall rules at all times, in particular all food and drink consumed on the premises must be purchased at the club bar. 

All main walkways and doors must be left clear of obstructions to maintain safe access and egress. Special care should be taken in the pit area not to obstruct the access along the side of the track.

The premises should be kept tidy, using the litterbins and bags provided.  

Special care must be taken during both access to and egress from the stage via the stairs, no climbing onto or jumping off the stage is allowed. 

In the event of an accident occurring a club committee member must be informed as soon as possible.

Smoking or Vaping are not allowed in the hall or outside the emergency exit door. The designated smoking / Vaping area is adjacent to the club main entrance.

Racing Classes 

The following classes of 1/12th scale car will be allowed to race

  • GT12 Class to current BRCA rules
  • LMP12 Class to BRCA rules (Subject to a minimum of three cars and drivers to make up a heat).

Tyre Additive 

BRCA 1/12 Electric Circuit Approved Tyre Additives may be used, drivers must remove excess additive from their tyres before running on the track, a short length of carpet will be provided for this purpose.

Booking in 

All Drivers must Pre-Book prior to each event in accordance with the Pre-Booking procedure see Rules – Booking in Key Information.   Booking opens on the Wednesday morning of the week prior to the event and will close at 10-00am on the race day.

The venue is open from 6-30pm, all drivers are requested to check in at race control and pay their race fees as soon as possible after their arrival. Racing will start at 7-00pm prompt. Drivers must inform race control by text or phone call to the clubs mobile by 6-45pm if they are booked in to race and going to be late arriving.

A heat table will be published prior to racing commencing. It is the responsibility of all drivers to check their heat, car, transponder number and crystal frequency. Any problems should be discussed with the race controller. Personal transponders must be used and registered at race control. 


Scrutineering may be carried out at any time during the evening, items checked may include ground clearance, minimum weight, battery voltage and GT12 class ESC in “Blinky” mode.

All cars must be race worthy with no sharp protrusions or edges that may damage the carpet, other cars or cause injury.  Cars found in an unsatisfactory condition will not be allowed to race.  


Drivers of the race in progress only are allowed on the stage unless agreed by a committee member. 

Drivers must only drive from the stage, cars requiring attention during a race must be taken off the track for repairs.  

Cars must not be driven on the track when it is being constructed or whilst repairs are being carried out. 

Transmitters must only be switched on when a driver is racing, at all other times transmitters should be turned off (with their aerials retracted if applicable).  

At the end of each race all drivers must promptly collect and switch off their cars and transmitters.

Drivers must not shout abuse at other drivers or marshals.  

Please remember to be courteous when driving and allow faster cars to pass. If you crash do not reverse back across the track until it is clear. Under no circumstances must cars be driven around the track in the wrong direction. If a driver inadvertently crosses the track markings and cuts out a section of track, they are expected to wait and regain their original race position 

Drivers that constantly flout the rules will be penalised with time penalties, stop and go or other penalties as deemed appropriate.  


All drivers must marshal the next heat following their race and stand when marshalling. If they fail to marshal, they will incur time penalties or loss of FTD at the discretion of the race controller.

Marshals must be in position before the race is due to start and constantly monitor their allocated section of track, marshalling cars carefully and promptly whilst avoiding obstructing the driver’s views of the track.  

Substitute marshals are allowed providing the race controller is notified of who is marshalling for which driver prior to the race starting, all marshals must be current BRCA members.


For matters regarding race organisation, results and penalties the race controller’s decision is final. In all other circumstances the Committee decision is final.