AGM 2018

Minutes of Annual General Meeting held on
Tuesday 13th November 2018 at Gresley Old Hall

The Club Chairman Bob Harley opened the meeting, welcoming everyone present and thanking them for attending.

Adoption of the 2017 AGM minutes
Copies of the minutes were made available prior to the start of the meeting.
The minutes of the 2017 Annual General Meeting were proposed for adoption as a true and correct record by Alister Hart and seconded by James Hart.

A vote was taken of the members present and the minutes approved.
There were no matters arising.

Chairman’s report
Bob Harley stated that it had been another good year for the club.
In addition to the normal race calendar the club had organised two charity events. One held on a normal Tuesday club night in June, the £130 proceeds from which were donated to “Friends of Gresley”.

The second, the Burton GT12 GP held on Sunday 2nd September was very successful with positive feedback received from the drivers taking part. The event made a profit of £250 and it is intended to make a further donation of £50 to “Friends of Gresley”. He expressed his thanks to all involved and including James Hart for organising the sponsorship and Jason Leavis for masterminding the raffle.

He explained that he regularly attended the “Friends of Gresley” Committee meetings along with representatives of the other main hall users. The Hall has recently received a grant which is planned to be used for upgrading the electrical installation and lighting in the building.

He pointed out that the same three members generally arrive at the hall early on a Tuesday evening, set up both the track and equipment to enable racing to start on time. At the end of the evening it remains a struggle to dismantle and store everything away. He asked that everyone would please give five minutes of their time to help before leaving each race night.

Secretary /Treasurers Report
The Chairman explained that following Steve Donald giving up the Treasures role earlier in the year Mike Simpson had taken on the roles both of Treasurer and Secretary until the AGM.

Mike reported on the Clubs finances for the year ending 31st October 2018 and briefly went through the detail of the financial statement, copies of which were made available at the meeting.

Income was lower than the previous year due to a slight decrease in both the numbers of club members and the drivers racing each week.

Expenditure on the track included the purchase of a vacuum for cleaning the carpets and orange track marker discs which are not being used at present.

The Clubs portable electrical equipment was all labelled and tested, this will be an ongoing annual cost in the future.

Four new multiway extension leads for the pitting area were purchased to replace the two original daisy chain sockets leads.

A donation of £130 was made to “Friends of Gresley” from the proceeds of the Tuesday evening charity event.

The Clubs financial position remains healthy and should be sufficient to cover the unplanned replacement of a major item of equipment.

Election of Officers and Committee.
All the present 2017/18 committee members stood down.

The Secretary reported that only one nomination, Bob Harley had been received for the role of Chairman. He asked if anyone else wished to stand for election, there were no other nominations.

A vote of the members present was taken and Bob Harley was elected.

Secretary / Treasurer
Only one nomination, Mike Simpson had been received.
The chairman explained that if there were no other nominations from the meeting for the roles of Secretary or Treasurer Mike is prepared to continue in both roles for one year only.
There were no other nominations forthcoming, a vote of the members present was taken and Mike Simpson was elected.

Other committee members
Nominations were received for Michelle Snowden, Chris Snowden and Courtney Orme.

A vote of the members present was taken and all were elected.

Chris Snowden will be assisting at Race Control and Courtney Orme scrutineering.

Membership and Race fees (Followed Agenda item proposals)

Club Membership
The Club annual Membership fee will remain unchanged at £6 and £1 for junior members (16 years of age and under when joining).

Membership runs from 1st January to 31st December in line with the BRCA. Membership forms for 2019 will be available at Race Control from Tuesday 20th November 2018. For new members joining from now up to 1st January 2019, membership for the remainder of 2018 will be included.

Race Fees
The following race fees will apply from 1st January 2019.

Remain unchanged at £4 with £1 being returnable at the end of the evening for members helping with storing away the track equipment.

Increased to £6 with £1 being returnable at the end of the evening for those helping with storing away the track equipment.

1. Ref Club membership, why do people have to join after 3 meetings.
Proposal. People do not have to join but pay £5-00 to Race and will not be included in points. If they stop and put the track away they get pound back or if they join after the AGM it carries through till the following December like the main BRCA.
Proposer: – Michelle Snowden
Seconder: – Chris Snowden

After a lengthy discussion regarding the need to retain the club membership and provide an incentive for all drivers to assist in putting the track equipment away at the end of the evening the following was proposed.

That the race fee for non-members be increased to £6 with £1 being returnable at the end of the evening for those helping with storing away the track equipment.

A vote was taken of all members present and the proposal passed.

2. That we return points to original method.
50 for Heats
50 for Final
Proposer: – Bob Harris
Seconder: – Chris Metcalfe

The original scoring method awarded points for both qualifying and overall position in formula in the finals rather than just the finals as present. This put the emphasis on good performances in both rather than points being governed by which final the driver is in.
The issues associated with running multiple formulas and also having visiting drivers in the races using the present league scoring system were explained.

A vote was taken of all members present and the proposal lost.

3. To reduce the number of league nights and increase the number of Club nights, so allows people to try new set ups etc without feeling the need to keep winning.
Proposer: – Ashley King
Seconder: – Michelle Snowden

After some discussion the secretary stated that as usual over the past year the leagues and trophy meetings have attracted the most drivers each week. The worst attended events were the club nights (one having attracting only eight drivers). Team events which were re-introduced for 2018 were also poorly supported.

The following proposal was made.

That no team events are planned for 2019 and are replaced by additional club nights. The committee to review the leagues for 2019.

A vote was taken of all members present and the proposal passed.

4. Remove minimum car rule.
Not just LMP any class.
We should not be turning away members/racers.
Proposer: – Steve Donald
Seconder: – Ashley King

After discussion and that the club only race 1/12th scale cars as detailed in the club rules, the following proposal was made.

To take away the LMP12 minimum car rule only.

A vote was taken of all members present and the proposal passed.

5. Where time allows (4 Heats)
Allow LMP to run 8 min.
Grow LMP numbers.
Proposer: – Steve Donald
Seconder: – Ashley King

A vote was taken of all members present and the proposal passed.


Date of next AGM
To be held at 7-00pm on Tuesday 12th November 2019 at Gresley Old Hall.

The meeting was closed at 7-40pm by the Chairman and followed by free racing.