Burton Buggy Club 1/12th Scale Mardave Class Construction Rules

Burton Buggy Club
1/12 Mardave Rules (reviewed following 2017 AGM)

The primary aim of the rules is to ensure that all cars are of a similar specification in order to provide low cost competitive racing.

1/12th scale Mardave V12 aluminium chassis.

A minimum ground clearance of 3mm from the chassis including any protruding   screws

Any commercially available body shell of saloon / Hot rod design.

Foam front bumper (foam must protrude at least 15mm in front of any plastic mounting bracket)

Mardave running gear, 32 DP (coarse pitch) motor pinion and spur gear.

Nylon detachable spur gears in conjunction with Mardave Z Drive Hubs or spur gear mounting boss with modified standard axle may be used.

Wishbones must be fixed directly to the chassis (spacers allowed)

HPI Saturn 20T sealed brushed motor

Any speed controller

Any servo and servo saver

Pack of 4 sub-C-sized NiCad or NiMH cells with a nominal voltage of 1.2v

No differentials

Ball-raced front wheels are allowed (Agreed at 2017 AGM)

No Alloy wishbones or Motor Pods

It is expected that all drivers adopt a commonsense approach and observe the spirit of the rules when building their cars. Check with a committee member before carrying out any modifications not covered above.