13-08-19 Summer League Final Round

The last round of the Summer League with a track design requiring some very precise driving in a tricky section nearest to the stage.

With several of the leading league places at stake the pressure was on the drivers and there was some very competitive racing, some of the highlights being.

Karl Norris won the GT12 A Final and also the F1 League, Darren Ford snatched second place in F1 from Chelle Snowden after finishing third in the A Final.

After starting the evening on equal points Simon Pole won the F2 League on tie break from Justin Heath after taking a superb second place in the A Final with Justin finishing fourth and second place in the F2 league – a great race this by all of the drivers.

Mike Simpson won the B Final and took third place in the F2 League, Bob Harris was “Top Bob” of the evening finishing in second place with McKenzie Wallace third.

Dan Williams had a good win the C Final, Bob Budge was second and Noah Bailey first time racing at Burton was third.

The D Final was won by Kaelin Thompson, James Krych finished in second place, Saul Theobold was third and fourth place for Freddie Parker was good enough to win him the F3 Junior league – well done Freddie!

Steve Donald cruised to victory in the LMP12 Final despite Ashley King setting the fastest lap.

Final League positions
GT12 F1
Winner Karl Norris
Second Darren Ford
Third    Chelle Snowden

GT12 F2
Winner Simon Pole
Second Justin Heath
Third     Mike Simpson

GT12 F3
Winner Anthony Dennis
Second Bob Budge
Third    Kaelin Thompson

GT12 F3 (Junior)
Winner Freddie Parker
Second Alfie Hart
Third    Jack Walsh

LMP12 F1

Winner  Ashley King
Second Steve Donald
Third    Fred Hatfield

Next week is Round 4 of the 2019 Superleague