05-07-22 Summer League R2

A Paul Dewsnap track design this week.

Chelle Snowden was the top qualifier with a great drive in the third qualifying round to take pole position in the “A” Final. Karl Norris was second, Richard Norris third, Kayleigh Knight fourth, Benn Norris fifth, Adam Hancock sixth and Bob Harley seventh to complete the “A” Final line up.

First up was the “D” Final where Nick Wallace after having had problems with his car in qualifying was the winner, visiting driver Noah Valaggio took second place and Ian Craig was third.

The “C” Final was keenly contested with Paul Dewsnap took the win, (must have been a good track design!), Euan Lees was second and Saul Theobold third less than two seconds behind Euan.

Guy Rogers was the winner of the “B” Final with Dan Stones close behind in second place, Mike Simpson finished third.

Just the “A” final left to run, could Chelle Snowden capitalise on her pole position and win the race. Wow it was very close, a great race to watch this with Karl Norris winning just over a second ahead of Chelle, these two being a lap ahead of Richard Norris in third place and Benn Norris fourth. Bob Harley was fifth, Adam Hancock sixth and Kayleigh Knight seventh. Yes there were a lot of Norris’s in the race!

Thanks to everyone who helped put away the equipment at the end of the evening.

Next week is an ordinary Clubnight. Booking in as usual by text to the clubs mobile.